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#11) We've added a #11!!

The very unique and creative Eslite Spectrum shopping mall.

Eslite Spectrum shopping mall


#10) Tian Mu 天母

Tien  Mu Market in Taiepei

TianMu is a district located between the Shilin district and Yangmingshan (Yang Ming mountain). Back in the 1950’s, Tianmu was the desired residence for American servicemen. The rice paddies and fresh air offered a peaceful retreat from bustling Taipei. The Taipei American School was started at this time and is still a centerpiece of the area. (And one of the top International schools worldwide.)


Tian Mu has retained its expatriate feel as many Taipei expats reside there. It certainly has a more eclectic cultural mix of old Taiwan, department stores, and American chain restaurants like Chili’s. There are several streets to wander and shop at all the small stores and boutiques that make up its area center. There are also “export stores” that carry name brand clothing that is sold at “factory reject” prices. It also has retained many traditional Chinese foods with restaurants that have been around for decades. The Tina Mu market is a one of a kind weekend showcase of trinkets, handicrafts, music and food. It’s open Fridays-Sundays with over 170 stalls.


Who goes there: Open for all and a nice excursion if you’re not from that district.

What to buy: many types of small stores with a variety of fashion

Price range: moderate

Getting There: MRT Shipai Station on Tamsui Line, transfer to bus No. Red 12 or Red 15, get off at Tianmu Square stop or Sanyu Temple stop.

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Visit the Tian Mu market. It runs Friday (4-10 pm), Saturday (9am-10pm), and Sunday (3-9pm).


Website: http://www.tianmu.org.tw/ (Chinese only)

Tienmu Map


#9) ATT 4 Fun Shopping Mall 

ATT For Fun Shopping Mall, Taipei

ATT 4 Fun (previously known as New York, New York) is an 11 floor shopping center located amidst the tony East District of Taipei City. ATT 4 Fun is a short walking distance from Taipei 101, Mitsukoshi and Bellavita.What makes this busy mall unique it that it doesn’t cater to the typical high end designer labels. You can go to Taipei 101 and Bellavita for that.


Instead, you can find many small to mid brand stores and boutiques which gives shoppers a different variety of choices. On weekends, the space around the mall is usually buzzing with marketing events and showgirls demonstrating the latest cell phone or auto. The 6th floor has a nice food court which is perfect for lunch and dinner.  There’s a club on the 9th floor and restaurants and bars on the 10th & 11th with great views of the area.


Who goes there: something for everyone here

What to buy: several floors of women’s fashion

Price range: moderate-high moderate

Getting There: MRT Blue Lineto Taipei City Hall Station/ Exit 3

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Grab a coffee at the Starbucks bar and shop!


Website:  www.att4fun.com.tw

Taipei ATT 4 Fun


#8) Xi Men Ding “she-men-ding” 西門町

Click HERE for our Ximending Writeup

Xi-Men-Ding Market

Xi Men Ding is a hip, busy, open aired street shopping area where Taiwan’s youth shop, eat, and just hang out. Ximending is a pedestrian mall filled with little shops, food stalls, and restaurants that can meet just about anyone’s fancy. It’s the old west gate area of Taipei.


There’s a “movie street” full of theaters and promotions with the latest international and local films. “America Street” is known for its second hand clothing shops. But mostly, Ximending is a place to stroll around away an afternoon and evening amongst a bustling urban landscape.


Who goes there: It’s a younger crowd in general but it’s a place for everyone.

What to buy: clothes and accessories and freshly made street snacks

Price range: low to moderate

Getting There: Ximen MRT Station – Head towards Exit #6 when exiting from the MRT station.

Click HERE for more about Ximending

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Stroll around on a busy weekend afternoon and feel the energy of the city. Have a cold drink and some snacks and then catch a movie.  There’s no shortage of choices.



Ximen Ding Taipei Shopping Area


#7) Zhong Xiao Dong Lu (Zhong Xiao East Road) 忠孝東路

ATT For Fun Shopping Mall, Taipei

Zhong Xiao East Road(at the intersection of Fu Xing Nan Road) is the shopping street of Taipei. It’s busy most days with the work crowd, tourists, and shoppers and on weekends there is non-stop bustle until the evenings.


The Sogo Department store is located here (actually, there are two) in addition to several shopping plazas and many independent stores including ZARA and Uniqlo’s Taiwan flagship location. The real gems are the side streets and alleys of the main road. There is no shortage of boutiques, noodles shops, bakeries, or coffee shops. It’s also one of the best streets to people watch Taipei’s sheik and most fashionable.


Who goes there: everyone

What to buy: all kinds of clothing choices

Price range: all ranges

Getting There: MRT stop Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station- Walk up and you are there.

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!

EIT’s MUST do: Walk the main drag and then explore the side streets. Have lunch at Ding Tai Fung.鼎泰豐



Zhong Xiao Fuhsing District


#6) Xinyi District Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store 信義區新光三越

ATT For Fun Shopping Mall, Taipei

The Xinyi District is home to Bellavita, Taipei 101, the 24 hour Eslite, ATT and a host of other shopping choices. It’s a busy open spaced area that’s great for walking, eating, window shopping, or people watching. 


The Japanese Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store is a central structure and location in this area. The six story, four building complex feels like an open ended mall. Among the black and red modern glass structures performers play music and perform their acts while marketers promote their latest products. There’s plenty of food and shopping from bakeries, top fashion and cosmetics to the Apple Store. The department store is also host to a large cineplex so a day of shopping and eating can be capped off with a movie.  


Who goes there:There is something for everyone at this mall. Taiwanese families, teens, couples, and tourists all mingle about.

What to buy: Among the department stores are lots of small boutique shops. There are always unique finds there.

Price range: moderate

Getting There: MRT Blue Line to Taipei City Hall Station / Exit 3

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!

EIT’s MUST do: Enjoy the area.(Especially on a nice day.) Catch a movie and then head out to a late dinner.



Website: http://www.skm.com.tw/eng/index.html
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store


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