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#5) Breeze Center Mall 微風廣場

Breeze Center Shopping Mall in Taipei

Breeze Center is up there with Bellavita as one of Taipei's swankiest malls.  The mall is nine stories and includes most of the high fashion name brands ubiquitous in Taipei.


There is everything from a Starbucks, Taipei's Dean & Deluca, and a deli and supermarket in the basements levels.


Who goes there: Women who want to look their best, although Breeze Center markets themselves as one stop shopping.

What to buy: A lot of women's fashion but there are choices for everyone.

Price range: moderate to high

Getting There: MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (忠孝復興站), Walk 10 minutes north past the Civil Boulevard elevated road

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT's MUST do: Shoes! The first floor is loaded with them. Ladies, hunt for your next fashionable pair with a nice discount. Guys, grab a coffee and sit outside in the atrium. PS: Great pastries and breads in the basement levels.


Website: http://www.breezecenter.com
Address: No.39, Sec.1, Fu-Xing S. Rd., Taipei 105, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Phone: 0809-008-888


Breeze Shopping Mall Map - Taipei


#4) Shi Lin Night Market 士林夜市



Shilin Night Market in Taipei

This is Taipei's largest and most famous night market and it's just opposite the red line Jian Tan MRT stop. The street has gone through many locations in the past years. Back in the day, it was a long windy street full of vendors. As the area grew, the market consolidated into an open aired covered area with a grid design.


In 2011, the market moved again to its current underground location.  Although it doesn't have the feel of the open air market, the market is as busy as ever with locals and tourists. It's a big place and you'll need to make a run through before deciding on what to eat. Above ground, are lines of clothing stalls and more food alleys. The market opens at 4:00 and goes late into the night. Unlike other markets, you'll find plenty of English and Japanese menus.


Who goes there: locals, tourists, Taipei teens

What to buy: food and clothing abound

Price range: low

Getting There: Red line to Jian Tan station/walk across the street in front of the station

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT's MUST do: EAT! Order the giant fried chicken breast. Then, sit down and have an oyster egg pancake. It's a classic! Then, some stinky tofu to top it all off!



Shilin Night Market in Shilin District, Taipei


#3) Raohe Night Market 饒河夜市



Raohe Night Market - Taipei - Great Shopping Deals

Taipei's oldest night market in the heart of downtown Taipei. The section of street is only 600 meters long. The Song Shan Fu De Temple (Land God temple) sits at one opening of the street which represents one end of the market. 


Raohe is predominantly food. There is sitting in the center of the street while shoppers walk in each direction along the sides. It's not a huge market, but it has an old school charm.

Who goes there:Locals and tourists.


What to buy: There are many food stalls down one street. Steamed buns and stinky tofu are popular.

Price range: low

Getting There: MRT to Yong Chun Station/hail a cab for the five minute ride to the market

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT's MUST do: Near the temple entrance, line up for a "hu jiao bing". 胡椒餅 Black pepper pork in a baked round bread. They are baked on the inside of a hot barrel. They're famous and worth the wait!!! TRUST US!   READ ABOUT THE FAMOUS HU JIAO BING HERE



Website: http://www.raohe.com.tw


Raohe Night Market in Taipei


#2) Taipei 101 Mall

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall in Xinyi District, Taipei

The Taipei 101 Mall is 6 floors of stores and food options in Taiwan's tallest building. Located in the Xinyi District, the mall is a must see for visitors and shoppers. 


Floors 1-5 are loaded with top international brand stores and boutiques. The 5th floor also is surrounded by several sit down restaurants with great views of the city. B1 is a large food court full of many Asian and Western choices. It's also home to Jason's gourmet supermarket.


Who goes there: Everyone and anyone. It's big and busy and a beautiful space.

What to buy: clothes, watches, handbags, food, books…just about everything

Price range: from moderate low to high

Getting There: MRT Blue Line to Taipei City Hall Station / Exit 3

A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT's MUST do: Walk the entire mall until your feet hurt. Grab some lunch on the 5th floor. Pick up some snacks and drinks before you leave at Jason's Market on B1.


Website: http://www.taipei-101.com.tw

Phone: (02)8101-7777

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall Taipei



#1) Bellavita Shopping Mall 寶麗廣塲

Arguably Taipei's most decorative and fashionable shopping space. Even if you're not a shopper, the mall is worth a walk through. It's host to the finest name brand stores (Bottega Veneta, Bvlgari, Gucci, Tiffany, Tod's) as well as a variety of international and swanky boutiques.


On the upper floors there are several options for fine dining including L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon, the first Michelin Guide listed restaurant in Taiwan. There's a food area in the basement levels with several snack and coffee choices.


Who goes there: If you are into high fashion, salons, or jewelry, then Bellavita is right up your alley. However, there are plenty of window shoppers as the mall is quite a beautiful site. It's definitely worth a walk through. The basement level has plenty of snacks and drinks for those who want to chat or rest.

What to buy: Some of the stores are quite unique. There are not only name brand shops here.

Price range: high to very high

Getting There:  MRT Blue Line to Taipei City Hall Station/ Exit 3

EIT's MUSTA 'must do' according to EIT Shifu! do: Go to the Basement Level
and try the delicious ornamented pastries…worth the price!


Website: http://www.bellavita.com.tw
Phone: 02-8729-2771


Bellavita Taipei

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