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#5) Han Shen Cheng Gong Road 漢神成功路

Han Shen Department Store on Cheng Gong Road Kaohsiung

The Han Shen Department Store on Cheng Gong Road is the original Han Shen. It’s the same company as the Han Shen Arena store, but this store is a more traditional looking department store. From B3 to the 8th floor, shoppers can eat anything from international boutiques to chain stores. There’s a Tiffany and a very large Hermes’.


The B3 levels is mostly regulated to food and there is a Jason’s Market with great gourmet and western choices. The upper levels of the building are the Han Lai Hotel. Han Lai is one of the top hotels in Kaohsiung’s and rooms offer great views of the harbor or city. There are a plethora or fine dining choices on the upper levels including the Hai Gang restaurant which serves a great afternoon tea buffet that will fill you up for the rest of the day.


Who goes there: anyone/visitors


What to buy: clothing/accessories/food/hotel


Price range: moderate to high


Getting There:  MRT Red Line to R9 stop. Walk 10 minutes down Wufu Road and take a left at Cheng Gong Road or Take the free shuttle from WuFu 3rd Road stop.


Address:高雄市前金區成功一路266-1號  266 Cheng Gong Road


A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: The afternoon tea buffet at Hai Gang on the 43rd floor is excellent. (12:00-3:00)




website: www.hanshin.com.tw



#4) FE 21’ Mega 大遠百

Mega Mall - Department Store, Shopping in Kaohsiung

Mega is a 17 floor department full of shops, restaurants, a great bookstore, and an even better movie cineplex.  Mega has become a place to go for many in the past few years. Kaohsiung’s younger crowd will head out for good deals on clothes, a fun 12th floor meal, an arcade, and then top it off with a movie.


The movie theaters are top notch and cover floors 13-16. This is where to catch an IMAX movie in Kaohsiung. If you become a gold member of the cinema, you’ll enjoy a comfortable pre movie waiting room and relaxing lounge sofa chairs to enjoy the flick. On weekends, the 17th floor Eslite bookstore is crowded with book mongers reading the latest magazines or best sellers.  The balcony view from the 17th floor is superb.


Who goes there: anyone but a lot of Kaohsiung’s younger set


What to buy: many clothes options that won’t bust your wallet/a great movie theater


Price range: moderate


Address: 高雄市三多四路21號


Getting There: Red Line R8 stop takes you to the lower levels of the store


A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Check out the bookstore on the 17th floor. Catch an IMAX 3D movie on the 13th.




website: www.feds.com.tw



#3) Xinjuejiang 新堀江 Shinkudan Shopping Street

Xinjuejiang Shopping District Kaohsiung


Shinkudan “Xinjuejiang” is the hippest and most unique shopping area in Kaohsiung city. It’s made up of one section of traffic less street with 3 alleys intersecting it at 90 angles. Although stands and shop may open around 1:00, the street doesn’t start hopping until 4:00 as the sun sets and the hot weather cools.




A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: explore the alleys and the small shops in the buildings that line them. The snacks are great and it’s a great place to finish an afternoon and early evening before grabbing dinner nearby.






#2) Dream Mall 夢时代

Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

The Kaohsiung Dream Mall is the largest mall in Taiwan as well as in East Asia. The mall was built by the President corporation in the southern part of Kaohsiung city as is located near the Kaohsiung high tech park as well as the large box stores Costco, Ikea, and Carrefour. The Dream Mall is quite a busy and large space


There are 10 floors of shopping in addition to a B1 and B2 food court/shopping space. Each floor of the mall is designated by type of store and product.  For example, there are mostly children’s stores on the 5th level and sports apparels stores on the 6th level. There is a Japanese Department store at one end of the mall, as well as a Muscle Asia health club, and a large Ferris wheel on the roof.  Another great aspect of the mall is the movie theater complex on the 8th floor.


Restaurants are strewn about the mall and even a TGI Friday’s can be found. Most weekends and holidays, the mall is buzzing with some kind of event at the large open space at the front entrance. It is not a place to be missed when visiting Kaohsiung.


Who goes there: everyone


What to buy: whatever your fancy


Price range: moderate


Address: No. 789, Zhōnghuá 5th Rd, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City, 806806高雄市前鎮區中華五路789號


Getting There: Take the MRT Red Line to R6 and take the free shuttle (or walk 10 minutes) to the mall.


A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Spend the day walking the large halls. After an early dinner, catch a movie on the 8th floor.




website: http://www.dream-mall.com.tw/


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#1) Han Shen Arena 漢神巨蛋

Han Shen Arena in Kaohsiung

The Han Shen Arena Department Store is ten stories of mall and food but additionally connected to the Kaohsiung Arena. It is one of Kaohsiung’s newest department stores and has become arguably the busiest shopping area in the north district of Tsoying. Unlike many department stores, food and shops mix a bit together.


B1 and B2 are home to many food options from fast food to fresh bakeries to a Jason's Supermarket (B1 level). However, there are many stores to wander as well. The upper levels are the same. The lower levels are designated for high end international brands, however, upper levels share space with restaurant sections that cater to Japanese food on one floor and Chinese food on the next. The top levels are banquet areas reserved for big parties and weddings.


One of the best things about Han Shen is the convenience of getting there. Take the red line and get off at R14 and you’re there. Also, the busy Rei Feng Night Market is a ten minute walk away. The area is bustling on Saturdays and Sundays with many marketing events and shows at the arena.


Who goes there: There is something here for everyone.


What to buy: higher end women’s fashion is popular on the first two floors


Price range: moderate to high


Getting There:  R14 Red Line


A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Spend an afternoon at the mall. Grab some fresh bread around 4:00 at B1 level. Or, head to the 5th floor and try the afternoon tea buffet at “Hai Gang” 海港. But beware, you won’t need dinner after this tea time.



Website:  www.hanshinarena.com.tw


Address: 博愛二路777號4F, BoAi 2nd Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, 81355


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