2 Public and 1 Private schools are still looking f
PUBLIC SCHOOL City: Taoyuan City Salary: NT$ 62,720-73,025/month (depends on teaching experience and…
Learn English on Skype | British | Oxford MA
Hello, my name is Gareth. If you're in a hurry, just watch my video: https://youtu.be/jgFGD_GrMns I am a…
(6) Private schools need Licensed teachers (early
New Taipei City
* Teacher with solid elementary/junior HS teaching experience are preferred. * All schools offered ESL curriculum *…
5 Private schools teaching positions for Licensed
SCHOOL #1: Keelung City Salary: Certified teacher with bachelor degree will start from TWD 64,000/month Master degree…
Teach English in Taiwan at Kitchkas Reading House
We are looking for an energetic native English speaker to teach English to Taiwanese children ages 5-14 years…
> Hsinchu and Taichung Public Schools Program <
TAICHUNG - Work permit & ARC provided - Starting: Aug, 2017 July,2018 - Labor and health insurance: available -…
Many teaching jobs in Taiwan
Teachers do not pay for our service as we are hired by schools here in Taiwan to help recruit. All full time jobs,…
? Taichung school project 2017 ?
QUALIFICATIONS: - Teachers need to have a government- issued teaching certificate in his/her home country with at…
Great teaching jobs open around Taiwan !
All full time jobs, 20-25 teaching hours a week! We will do our best to give you jobs lined up or if you are in Taiwan,…
I am a Certified Private Loan Lender, Do you need a Fast and Guarantee loan to pay your bills or start up a Business?…
Rocky Point Massage/Foot Massage (Taipei)
Looking for a professional massage therapist to visit your residence? Visiting one of our service areas for business…
Paragliding / Beach
We meet in Taipei at 9:00 a.m. and drive to Wanli to go paragliding. After paragliding we will hang out on the beach…


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