Kaoshiung City Coffee and Sunsets on Chai Shan Mountain

chai shan coffee shops

chai shan coffee shops

Kaohsiung is a big, busy city, but there are places to escape the heat, noise, and pollution. On the western side (ocean side) of Chai Shan lies the little village of Chai Shan. Once a closed military area, Chai Shan is now open and accessible for visitors. The coastal road starts at the rear end of Zhong Shan University and winds its way through to Chai Shan and subsequently a closed military check point.


On the way to Chai Shan are 3 places to stop, eat some food, drink some coffee, and enjoy the mountain/sea air, ocean views and if you time it right, a stunning sunset.





coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung


  coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung



coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung   

  coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung


The Oceanside Cafe is a popular mountain coffeeshop. It is famous for its 1000cc BOWL of coffee which should be shared and not drank alone.  The cafe is owned by a South American expat, Jose, and his Taiwanese wife.


Oceanside has a nice decor feel and a large outdoor patio to sit, enjoy the fresh air and watch the sunset.  There is a large menu of delicious foods as well as great smoothies.  It's busy on weekends, especially before sunset. There is a parking lot nearby.


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#2 ESCAPE 41 海洋天堂歐風餐館


coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung   

  coffee on chai shan in kaohsiung


Escape 41 is another expat owned restaurant. It has a great balcony terrace where the waves sometimes crash below you. 


Escape 41 focuses on their food a bit more than Oceanside. The menu is a bit more extensive and it has become famous for its pizza. You can still order up drinks and coffees as well. Escape 41 also has an indoor seating area with a large window to view the ocean.


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#3 Kaohsiung British Consulate


tea time at kaohsiung british consulate


The British Consulate Building is not on Chai Shan but actually at the entrance of Zhong Shan University.  You don't need to enter the university, but just park in the parking lot.


There are stairs to walk up, but the views are fabulous. There is an afternoon tea menu, or you can just or a la carte.  Nonetheless, it's another great way to enjoy the ocean views and sunset in Kaohsiung City.


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Getting to Chai Shan Village


The easiest way to get to Chai Shan village is via scooter, bicycle, or car. There is also a minibus that has a route up the coastal road from the Zhong Shan University entrance gate.


Go throught the university entrance at Xiziwan. Follow the road and bear to the left towards the water.  The road will start to climb a bit and the ocean will be on your left and the mountain on your right. Follow the road for about 5 minutes and you will see Oceanside Cafe on your left. The parking lot is below and from there you can walk to Escape 41 or Oceanside.



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