Kaohsiung City Chi Jin Island 旗津

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Chijin Lighthouse/Fort Walk

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Rooftop Bar on Chijin Island


For a great afternoon/evening trip from Kaohisung, hop on the Chijin Ferry and head over to the "island" of Chijin.(Qijin)


Qijin Lighthouse


Chijin island is a small island along the west side of Kaohsiung. It is long and narrow from the north to the south and it provides the protective barrier from the elements and mother nature for the Kaohsiung Harbor. 

The island is also home to a strong fishing community where you can find some fantastic, fresh seafood restaurants at reasonable prices.


Qijin Beach


The island offers great views of Kaohsiung City and of the cargo ships anchored and waiting to enter Kaohsiung Harbor. Chijin has a historic lighthouse, World War 1 bunkers, and an old artillary fortress. All are connected by a walking path that runs along the cliffs and harbor.


View of Kaohsiung City from Qijin Ferry


The ferry terminal onthe city side is in Xiziwan. It is called the "Gushan Ferry Terminal" and it's a short walk from the MRT ORANGE  LINE #1 Station (which is the end of the orange line).

Prices are 25NT for an adult. Bring change or use a Youyou Card. The trip across the harbor takes 5 minutes. You can load your scooter or bicycle on the ferry as well.


Cijin Ferry


Ticket prices are listed below. They are subject to change.


Chijin Island Ferry Prices in Kaohsiung


The gate entry to board the Chijin Island Ferry.


Qijin Ferry gate


Below is the Chijin Ferry. 2-4 boats move back and forth across the harbor depending on passenger demand. On weekends and holidays, there may be a small line to get on the boat, but it moves quickly.


Qijin Ferry

The ferry terminal on the Chijin Island side.


Qijin Ferry Terminal


The street market right off the ferry terminal is full of great snacks and inexpensive 100NT plates of seafood. Although open all afternoon, the market starts to get busy as the sun sets and the temperature cools.


Qijin Island market street


Many visitors like to rent these 2/4 seater bicycles. About 300NT/per hour with a driver. Bikes are a great way to explore all of the lengthy Chijin Island and get away from the tourist area.


Chijin bikes


4 seater bikes for rent.


Chijin bikes


Old men await a cyclo cab fare.


Chijin cyclo cabs




Chijin bike rentals


The seafood market street is full of seafood restaurants, snacks, souvenoirs, and convenience stores. Read about CHIJIN FOOD HERE.


Chijin seafood market street


Seafood restaurants get going in the afternoons until about 9:00pm.


Chijin Island seafood


When you walk to the end of the seafood market street, the beach comes into view.


Qijin Beach park


The black/volcanic sand beach stretches a long way along Chijin's coast. Weekends can be busy with walkers, swimmers, and kite fliers.


Qijin Island beach


Surfers and swimmers enjoy the waters of Chijin beach. The beach is great for walking, photography, and kite flying. The strong riptides make the waters dangerous at times, so heed warnings and swim only when the waters appear calmer. Weekends are VERY crowded with both locals and tourists.


Qijin Beach


Lots of people swim at Chijin Beach. However, you should heed warnings and stay within roped areas or out of the water when the current is strong. Every year people drown at Chijin Beach due to the strong riptides.


Chijin Island swimming


A view of Chijin Beach from the Chijin Lighthouse


Chijin beach high view

Signs direct tourists on Chijin.


Qijin Island signs

The colorful Qihou Market sells dried seafood on the first floor and is a hotel on floors 2-4. The 4th floor of the Inyoung Hotel has a nice roof top bar with great beach and city views.


Qihou Market


The Qihou Markets sells all kinds of dried seafoods.


Qihou Market


The market is a long hall of stalls all selling the same things. Dried seafood is a special food product in south Taiwan.


Qihou dried seafood market


Salty and good for snacking or cooking.


Qihou dried seafood market


Cuttlefish candy. Yes, candy! Very salty.


Qihou dried seafood


Other Articles About Chijin Island:


What to do on Chijin Island

Chijin Lighthouse/Fort Walk

What to eat on Chijin Island

Rooftop Bar on Chijin Island




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