Kaohsiung City Cheng Ching Lake

Cheng Ching Lake

 Cheng Ching is the biggest lake in the Kaohsiung area as it's surface covers an area of over 300 hectares. It  has a lot of things to do around  the surrounding area. It is located in Kaohsiung County’s Niaosong Township just North East of Kaohsiung city. Cheng Ching Lake was originally built to serve as a for industrial water reservoir . It then became more and more popular as a tourist spot .

             The local Taiwanese authorities seen the potential for growth and tourism and then  decided it to be opened to the public in 1960. The area boomed  and began to develop it as a beautiful lake to visit all year round. Cheng Ching Lake is named for it's peaceful ambience Cheng Ching Lake is also known as  the ‘West Lake of Taiwan’.


Attractions at Cheng Ching Lake


- Bridge of Nine Turns (built in the 60's, running 230 meters long with a width of 2.5 meters, and the bridge has nine turns)

-  Fukuo Island

- Chungling Pagoda  (see above  -  Moon-gazing Building

- Chunghsing Islet

-  Thousand Tree Woodland

- Youth Activity Center  (complete with youth hostel,  a training field, shooting gallery,  and a swimming pool)

- Three Pavilions

- Kaohsiung Golf and Country Club. (Open to the public is a fantastic 18-hole golf course right next to the lake)

-President Chiang’s Administration Building  ( Which has a library that containing many historical documents. including a very popular  document of  the declaration of surrender by Japan after a prolonged conflict of eight years.

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