Chijin Island Lighthouse and Fort Walk


Chijin is a short ferry across the Kaohsiung harbor. Visitors can walk along the beach, admire the views, and enjoy fresh seafood. The Chijin Lighthouse and Cihou Fort sit on top of the small cliff overlooking Chijin. There is a wonderful 30 minute walking path that takes visitors around the base of the cliff to the mouth of the harbor and then up to the lighthouse and fort. The views are spectacular on clear day.


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Chijin Lighthouse/Fort Walk

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The Chijin Lighthouse was originally built during the Qing Dynasty in 1883 by Chinese Customs to aid ships in their port entry. In 1918, the Japanese rebuilt the lighthouse to its likeness today. It flashes its light 4 times every 30 seconds.


A view of Chijin from the Chijin Lighthouse. South direction.


Chijin Lighthouse walk beach view


A north view of Longevity Mountain from the Chijin Lighthouse.


Chijin Lighthouse Longevity Mountain


Getting to the Fort/Lighthouse Path


There are 2 ways to get to the Lighthouse walking path. The first is via the street. Once you disembark from the ferry, head down the main market street about 200 meters and look for the brown sign below. Take a right and follow this sign through the small streets and alleys.


Cihou Fort street signs


The signs will eventually take you up this narrow alley toward the base of the small mountain.


walk to Cihou Fort


Below is the sign showing you have arrived at the entrance to the trail. Go left to arrive at the fort and right to the lighthouse. The walk is a loop and the lighthouse and fort are connected by a short path at the top.


Cihou Fort Entrance


This path leads up to the fort. 10-15 minutes walk.


Hike up to Cihou Fort


The second way (and easiest) to get to the walking path is via the beach. Basically, once you arrive at the beach, turn right and walk towards the cliff face. The trail will become visible on your right side.


Beach entrance to Chijin Lighthouse


Here is the trailhead from the beach. This will take you through the mountain, around the harbor entrance, and then up to the lighthouse and fort.


Beach entrance to Chijin Lighthouse


As you start walking from the beach, you will follow the trail and arrive at the Cijin Star Tunnel.


Cijin Star Tunnel


The Star Tunnel takes you through the center of the mountain to the harbor entrance. There are glow-in-the-dark constellations painted on the ceiling of the tunnel.


Cijin Star Tunnel


Below is the other side of the Star Tunnel. It faces the north entrance of the Kaohsiung Harbor.


Chijin Star Tunnel


The cliff view on the north side with cargo ships in the distance.


Chijin ocean views


Below, a naval ship enters Kaohsiung Harbor. Longevity Mountain and Zhong Shan University sit across the harbor mouth.



Some old signs along the pathway. Left is the lighthouse, right is the ferry terminal.



Ships get a welcome as they enter Kaohsiung Harbor.


Welcome to Kaohsiung Harbor


As you follow the path, it will start to climb towards the lighthouse. There is a viewing platform which has very close views of ships passing by.


Kaohsiung Harbor views


Follow the stairs and then the concrete path up. The concrete path leads to the lighthouse. You can also head down the path to the street trailhead of the path.


Lighthouse sign


The Japanese built this current structure in 1918. It flashes 4 times every 30 seconds.


Kaohsiung Chijin Lighthouse


There is a small museum showing maps and the position of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is closed Mondays and open other days from 9-6. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to climb to the top.


Cijin Lighthouse museum


From the lighthouse, follow the trail west along the top of the cliff rock. It is a short 5 minute walk to the Cihou Fort.


cihou fort to lighthouse path


An old bunker sits along the pathway.


Cihou fort to lighthouse path


The path leads through some wooded areas. Very nice and shaded from the sun.


fort to lightouse woods path


As you come out to the fort, the great views continue. This is a view facing north. Longevity Mountain is in the distance and Zhong Shan University is in the foreground.


view of zhong shan university


Below is a short video we shot from the top of the fort.



The Cihou Fort was constructed by the Chinese in 1876. In 1895, the Japanese dismantled the fort and melted down all the iron and metal.  In 1995, the Kaohsiung City government re-opened the fort and declared it a Municipal Historic Site.


Cihou Fort


The Cihou Fort is a fun place to walk around and get good camera shots.


Cihou Fort view


The fort acually sits low into the ground.


Cihou Fort Kaohsiung


Below is the main entrance to the Cihou Fort.


Cihou Fort entrance


After walking out the main entrance, you can head down the paved path to the street entrance to the trail. Enjoy the hike!!!


What to do on Chijin Island

Chijin Lighthouse/Fort Walk

What to eat on Chijin Island

Rooftop Bar on Chijin Island


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