Bikepacking in Taiwan

Taiwan is a great place for bikepacking and cycling.

Cycling is very popular in Taiwan and many visitors are discovering that it's a great destination to enjoy rides through many of Taiwan's gorgeous terrains.

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Why choose Taiwan as a cycling destination?

Something that appeals to all cyclists - excellent road conditions. Taiwan is relatively small, with an area of 36,000 sq. kilometers, it is easy to get to any part of the island in one day. An extensive rail system that circles the island with trains equipped to transport bikes and passengers alike. Four-season riding - it gets hot in summer, so we can ride in the mountains to get away from the heat.

Two thirds of the island is mountains - Taiwan has the highest concentration of 3,000m peaks in the world (278 at last count), so you can combine tropical coast line with alpine riding in one day.


What makes Taiwan different from other places?

It is easy to navigate, bilingual road signs and friendly locals. A road numbering system, on all major roads and most minor roads which indicate if you are traveling north, south, east or west. Taiwanese drivers are very tolerant of cyclists. I have never experienced road rage towards cyclists here. An ever increasing number of dedicated bike lanes segregated from other road users.

You can camp anywhere, Taiwanese are starting to discover the outdoors, so the number of camp sites is growing, but wild camping is also possible in most areas. There is no shortage of accommodation options for all price ranges.


Where is your favorite place in Taiwan to ride and why?

Coast to coast is one of my favorites, from Taichung to Hualien on the Central Cross-island Highway. This ride is 230kms long and takes you over the highest mountain pass at Wu Ling 3,275m, one of the highest mountain passes in the world that is accessible to cyclists. End to end on the east coast, AKA the Two Towers ride. There are lighthouses marking the northern and southern most points of Taiwan.

This 600km ride along the east coast on the Pacific Ocean is every cyclists dream. The least densely populated part of the island takes you through aborigine villages, fishing harbors and some of the most scenic coast line on the planet.


What is the most popular trip?

The south of Taiwan in Kenting National Park is a great trip for both novices and experienced riders alike. You can combine cycling with hiking, there are pristine beaches, waterfalls and a variety of other activities to entertain all age groups. A three-day trip can be customized to include 50 – 100km riding per day and who could resist an overnight at an historic hot springs – perfect.

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