Nanmen Market Taipei (South Gate market) Taipei


Nanmen (South Gate Market)

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 Nanmen (south gate) market, is over a 100-year-old market  visited  by  locals and tourists.  You can see big tour groups coming here, even China toursits in  2011.

It began as a simple bamboo construction, was renovated in the late 1970s and is loaded full of local delicacies.

The more favorable snacks are on the ground floor. These include dried foods of all kinds, from exotic fruits to tasty sea creatures such salty dried octopus.

This  is a Taiwanese favorite. Available in Chinese markets across America too

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. The first floor also featured a variety of mouth-watering sausages, beautiful fresh fruits and display after display of man tou, a pillowy soft white Chinese roll—slightly sweet and great with Peking duck, or deep-fried and served with condensed milk. These lovely renditions came in different colors/flavors like taro root, a lovely purple shade. Another popular vendor food is the  pork jerky studded with black sesame and  dipped in honey. Purely delicious



The flavor is incredible. The thick version (about 2 millimeters) is pleasantly chewy. But the amazing thin version was almost see-through, as light as potato chips, with just as much amazing flavor. I've never seen jerky like this in the Asian neighborhoods of New York—usually what I see is very dark and lumpy, sometimes partly shredded, sometimes a bit wet. This was dry and smooth, a light red, and so beautiful with the black see. Try to get some back home with you if you get the chance . 

      Elsewhere in the market, customers can buy prepared foods to take home as well as components like fish cakes of a large sort,  or freshly-killed chickens as you watch vendors  plucking the birds right before your very eyes.

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