Martyrs Shrine Taipei Memorial

National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine 國民革命忠烈祠


martyrs shrine in taipei


The National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine is located in a suburb area of Taipei and is a very interesting memorial to go visit while in Taipei. It is a very famous Taipei landmark. This memorial was dedicated to the people who sacrificed their lives fighting for the Republic of China. The National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine  buildings on this compound are skillfully crafted and designed to look like Ming Dynasty palaces. At all times during hours of operation, you can see two highly dressed military police officers stand guard at the front gate on Bei An Road while two other officers guard the main shrine inside. The changing of the guards occurs once every hour and is quite an elaborate process. The guards are required to remain standing still and remain completely silent during their shift, but if you watch closely, you can occasionally see their eyes blink or move a little. Other than that, they are motionless. Wonderful training to say the least.



No. 139 Bei-an Road, Taipei City 104
Contact: +886 2 2885 4162
Open Hours: Daily 9-5pm
Getting There: Take MTR to Taipei Station then transfer to Taipei City Bus (No. 247, 287) to Taipei Martyrs' Shrine Stop.

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