King Crab at 89 Seafood in Taipei City

Taiwan is a seafood lover's paradise, and 89 seafood is one of those places that makes you go, WOW!


Tucked deep inside He Jiang Street in Central Taipei City, 89 Seafood serves up fresh monster king crabs from the Hokkaido region of Japan.


The restaurant is non descript, is covered by 2 dining areas across the alley from each other and an outside cooking area that is perpetually busy chopping up fresh king crabs and barbecuing the meaty legs for diners.



89 Seafood King Crab in Taipei City     89 Seafood King Crab in Taipei City



Getting one of these crabs isn't difficult. 89 seafood has several tanks filled with them and delivered fresh off the fishing boat.  However, you must order in advance, make a reservation,  and let them know how many diners are in your party.


Phone number: 02 2501 6167


Crab prices are based on weight and can run anywhere from 8000NT to 10,000 NT for one. It is best to come with a large group of people as these crabs are full of fresh, succulent meat that will fill you up in no time.




89 Seafood King Crab in Taipei City     89 Seafood King Crab in Taipei City



The legs of the crab are taken off by the cook and barbecued. The rest of the body and claws are served raw on a plate to be cooked in a hot pot. The hot pot has a few vegetables including corn and tomatoes.


89 Seafood has other staple dishes including stir fried clams, deep fried oysters, and a variety of steamed fish choices.


One note, if you want a picture with a crab, you need to get there a bit early. 89 Seafood gets busy and the staff is busy and unable to wait around for photo ops.




MRT: 8 minute walk

  • Take the Brown Line to the Zhong Shan Junior High School stop.
  • Exit at the Fu Xing North Road Exit and take a right.
  • Walk about 50 meters to Jing Zhou Street and turn right.
  • Walk to He Jiang Street (5 minutes) and turn left.
  • 89 Seafood is on the left hand side.



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