Daxi Old Street-Taoyuan County

Daxi Old Street -大溪老街 Daxi Old Street -大溪老街 Daxi Old Street-大溪老街


Daxi Old Street is located south of Taoyuan City off the Number 3 National Highway. Daxi Old Street offers up Taiwanese snacks and delicacies amongst traditional storefront facades. Walking through the street makes you feel as if you were in Taiwan of the 1940's.


The Daxi Old Street is centered around Heping Old Street. The street is a long stretch with a few side streets also open to visitors. There are many baroque style facades on the brick storefronts which give an old style feel.


Daxi was once a trading hub for small boats moving between the Danshui River and Dahan Creek. The town thrived from its trade with China. Subsequently, many merchants opened offices and storefronts and used designs and styles from Japan, Roman, and Greek influences. Because Daxi was developed later than other towns, the buildings are still in excellent condition thus used today.





Rice on Daxi Old Street
Daxi old street shop


There are lots of great food choices at Daxi Old Street. Here are a few of the popular items:


Dried Bean Curd


Famous Bean Curd on Daxi Old Street

There are several dried bean curd stores on the street and you may have to line up on busy days. But the wait is worth it.  There is a variety of bean curd consistencies to choose from. Hard, soft, thin, thick...etc. Shops will do a quick bowl of your choices and then serve them on a plate with some sauce. It's a great snack.


In addition, shops will sell small bags of "dou gan" to go. These bags are vacuumed packed and come in many flavors. Sesame, black pepper, barbecue... to list a few.



Traditional Ice

Taiwan has plenty of ice choices and flavors to cool you down on a hot summer day. Daxi Old Street offers up "traditional style" ice.


Traditional ice flavors mixes more of the old flavors of Taiwan. There are red beans, peanuts, sweet sugar water, and some dried fruits. It all tastes great and is worth seeking out a shop here to try some.




Peanut Candy

Daxi Old Street has a few shops making a thin sweet, chewy peanut caramel candy.  A few shops will allow you to see the process and have some samples. After the caramel candy is rolled out flat, it is then rolled up into tight tube shapes and cut into pieces. It's great finger food for peanut lovers!

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