Taitung - Eastern Taiwan - Jhihben Hot Springs, Surfing, Beautiful Ocean Views

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Taitung is located in the South East part of the island, facing the Pacific ocean and is backed by the Central Mountain Range that runs over 3,500 square kilometers. It is a very  important county of Taiwan. The county of Taitung is a very beautiful and  picturesque  and  of cultural importance as well.


Some of Taiwan's most pristine clear under water havens very few have seen before. Taitung has nice surfing as well - so surfers are very welcome!  Don't forget to sample  the seafood!, freshly cooked right here in the harbor to your taste or  enjoy a fresh  BBQ overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Cyclists are welcome This place is home to many different aboriginal cultures dating back many centuries. It has an important strategic location as well due to its long coastline.


All these together make Taitung a very popular tourist destination and is booming in the years of 2010.  It is the 3rd largest county of Taiwan, in size. Green Island and Orchid Island are the two pearls of Taitung.  Taitung has many features that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists each year. These features-- the east coast on the Pacific, the long narrow valley, Highway, and the two off-shore islands-- Lanyu and Green Island that include the beauty of the Pacific scenery, the cultures of six different aboriginal tribes, places of unusual historic or scenic interest, and the many subtropical plants and animals.


                   Taitun Scuba Diving Coral Reefs


These places are frequented a lot by the tourists visiting the county of Taitung as well as many locals and is a busy port for boats leaving to surrounding Taiwan islands. Some of the major sightseeing destinations of Taitung are as follows:The National Museum of Pre-History

Yet , another favorite place to go and a popular  tourist destination of Taitung. This museum has many different places for sightseeing including  The Mountain Square, The Scenic Gardens , The Sun Square and more  are popular places of sightseeing and are visited  by many tourists all year round. The other places for popular sightseeing or places to go include the , the maze, the children’s playing area,  the bird singing square and  the water fountain show. Get a picnic basket together and put the family in the car and come check it out.


The Jhihben Hot Springs


This area is another very popular tourist destination popular place to go. The hot springs in Jhihben is a famous Taitung landmark. It is well known by almost everyone. During  the Colonialist Rule of the Japanese, the Jhiben area was already developed with its hot springs. By the hot springs area , the Forest Amusement Park was built. Beside haing a Hot Springs bath, you can also go to The Forest Amusement Park . Both of the activities not only help you to relax yourself ,but also invigorate your body. The total area has been divided into two parts, mainly, the inner and the outer hot spring area. The outer hot spring area has many popular resorts as well and in more popular to tourists. The outer hot springs area is the one which is commonly referred to as the Jhihben hot springs area. Another very important aspect of this place is the local and the aboriginal preparation of food that is available.


            元宵台東炸寒單Lantern Festival,Taitung,Taiwan. 2009.




Seaside Park


Seaside park  is located next to the city of Taitung. At one timne , it was a garbage dumop and cemetery After they were moved out and set in order, it has become today’s Seaside Park. It has wind generated power, water playing area, Sea View Paosang Pavilion, Wangyuehpai Chiao, Poliu Men’s Club House, and public created art which are located within the grassland. It not only provides people for relaxation and tourism but also for the Handanyeh Parade and Aborigines’ Makabahia Harvest Festival performances to take place. The

Lushui Bridge is connected with Forest Park and a bike path around the city etc, giving Taitung the recognition as a blue belt area and special Austronesian cultural style park.

Peinan Culture Park

A Peinan ancient cultural relic was found during the building of Taitung’s new railway station. You can take in a nice view of the city from the viewing tower. The goal is to  keep the relic’s integrity  in order to provide education and research needs. The Peinan Culture Park was established. inside the park.

Features include: Large lawn, Education room, Show place

National Museum of Prehistory 

Due to the prehistory of “Peinan Culture” and “Janypin Culture”, a museum was found. In August, 2002, the National Museum of Prehistory opened. It has become the largest prehistoric culture museum in South-East Asia. It contributes to the culture’s creation and preservation, and can be the leader of the Austronesian counties’ anthropological research and development. This is also tourism’s best visiting point.

Opening Hours:1. Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9a.m. to 5p.m.
2. Closed on Mondays (except national holidays, deferred holidays, Election Day), Chinese New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
3. Unscheduled close will be announced

Liyu Mountain Scenic Area 

By legend, Liyu Mountain was formed by two fish, and they would move at night. When the Dutch took away treasure, which hid in the mountain, it was the eyes of the fish. There are two caves next to the railway track, even to this day. When the fish lost their eyes, they couldn’t move. It gives a wide view from the top, and is an important land mark of Taitung City. In good weather, one can view Orchid Island and Green Island. It is also famous by the finding of prehistoric age slate coffins and Stone Age culture during the building of the foundations of Fotang in 1968. Liyu Mountain is one of the important points of scenery in Taitung City.

Forest Park, Hoshui Lake, Pipa Lake, Lussu Lake

The area was located in the Peinan Hsi, flowing into the Pacific Ocean mouth. The Peinan Hsi Basin always contained and washed away huge quantities of soil. Every year in fall when the Northeast monsoon season comes, the wind would blow the soil and spread it around the city. In 1960 planning started with the wind break, with the Horsetail tree. 30 years later, it became a forest, which sorted out the soil’s problem for the city. To accommodate for the sea and the tide, it was made in a Pipa shaped natural lake, called Pipa Lake. The beauty of the lake and the trees are something you won’t forget. Recently, it has been maintained many times and a bicycle path had been set up, with a service center and summer house etc. This is nearby the Pacific Ocean’s Horsetail tree area, which has become a green coastal ecosystem, called Black Forest.

Local Cultural Display Hall Paoden

There is a terrace of 6 Japanese influence houses located on the corner of Chungshan road and Paosang road. They were built during the Japanese occupancy period for the street chief,  town magistrate, mayor and managers to live in. For this city’s history, it has an important preservation value. Because it was old and ruined, it was planned for sale. But after local cultural workers and architects protested, it was renovated in 3 stages over a priod of 5 years. 


After building renovation, it was established as a local cultural display hall, to keep local cultural exhibits, a small seminar room and provide the area for the works of developing local art activities.



They used modern techniques of architecture, using the simple method of points, lines, surfaces and light. The fencing in the front garden was also taken away to give the visitor a close and friendly experience. The main building returned to its original Japanese style to show its original impression and quality. 




More attractions in Taitung

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  • Forest Recreation Area of Jhihben

  • Peinan Culture Park 

  • Eight-Angel Caves

  • Stone Parasol

  • Three-Fairy Rocks

  • Taiyuan Basin

  • Tungho Bridge

  • Water Flowing Upward

  • Shanyuan

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