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Taichung is a city located in central Taiwan (“Taichung” is actually “central Taiwan” in Chinese), and is the 3rd largest city on the island.  The terrain of Taichung City is high in the north and low in the south, the western side of which is  facing the sea, yet it is blocked by mountains, thus scarcely being the victim of typhoon attack. Renowned as the cleanest city of Taiwan, the streets and roads of Taichung City are neat, quiet and tastefully laid out.

There are tourist centers inside the city area, like Zhongshan Park, Baojue Temple, and Confucian Temple.  They represent the cultural center of Buddhism in Taiwan, and over years the Buddhist dharma gatherings are all held here. Cheap dining and great shopping are available in spots such as Tiger City or Electronics St.  Always being known as a city of culture, Taichung has many colleges and universities of higher education which are secondary only to Taipei.


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Department Store Taichung

Tien Shen Hall of Min De Temple


 Tien Shen Hall of Min De Temple is  located at Chung-Min 7th Street. Built in 1970, being a division of the San-Hsin Temple network.

Within the belief sphere of "En Chu Kong".

The building houses 3 main halls. The architectural design of the back hall (Lin Hsiao Bao Hall) is very different from that of the front and main halls and basic temples features.

Therefore, The picturesuqe back hall is a distinctly unique structure separate from the other areas of the temple.

The Tien Shen Hall of Min De Temple worships the Guan Sheng Dijun, accompanied by Guan Ping Tai Tze and General Jou Tsang. The left alcove is dedicated to the Fu Yu Dijun, Se Ming Jenjun while the right alcove is dedicated to San Guan Emperors (Sky, Water and Earth)


Bao Jeui Temple (寶覺寺)



Address: No.140 Jianxing Rd., Beitun, Taichung ( 台中市北屯區健行路140號 )

Hours : Open daily from 8:00am until 5:00pm

Baojue Temple is one of Taichung's most famous tourist destinations and places to go to take pictures. It was founded in 1928, the original Baojue Temple has since undergone many renovations such  the original temple was incorporated into a larger structure. The atmosphere is quiet and tranquil. This comes from the concepts

from Zen spirituallity.Taichung has very few Zen or Chan Buddhist temples. the temple grounds, 

into shrine dedicated to fallen Japanese soldiers who fought overseas during World War II.

During the 1970's, a very huge, golden Buddha was added. This 30 meter tall Buddha ,Milefo, is smiling so as to 'infect' others with happiness and joy. This is one of the largest Buddhas of its kind and has since become one of Taichung's famous landmarks.

Recently, both the Buddha and the temple has had major renovations and reconstruction; the Buddha received a facelift while the felling in the Baojue temple is generally quiet and very serene. The concepts are basically Zen spirituality. This place is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon snapping pictures or relaxing near the serne pools loacated in on if the corners of the complex.


Bao-Shan Temple, Taichung


Yuan Pao Temple in Taichung -(Also known  as the "Da Dao Kong Temple")


During the Yong Zheng Emperor period of the Ching Dynasty, the localsof Lai-Cuo area invited the incense of Pao-Shen Emperor from Fu-Hsin-Tien Temple in Chang Jou, China and worshipped it at the Lai-Tsuo Village. Then, seventeen villages and towns built a temple to worship the statute of  Pao-Shen Emperor and  San-Kuan Emperor. The construction of the temple was finished construction during the winter of 1791. This was during the Chien Lung Emperor period and at that time was named "Yuan Pao Temple" 


Chun-Sheng Temple, Taichung


 Chun-Sheng Temple is located at the intersection of Da-Ya Rd. and Tian-Jing Rd

This famous temple was built on the belief in Shintoism, taking Confucian ethics as the home for "Daoism" and attempting to use religion as the means of cultivating men's integrity and wisdom. Dressed in the golden dragon robe and sitting in a dragon chair lies the statute of Yao-Chi-Chin-Mu (the Golden Mother) ,She is  holding the dragon-head walking stick in her hand and wearing an elegant yet sacred expression , is stationed at the top of the roof.


Hsin-Shen Temple, Taichung 


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The mayor's official residence

Address: 125, Sec. 1, Shuang-Shi Rd., Taichung    

Address: 125, Sec. 1, Shuang-Shi Rd., Taichung    

Address: 125, Sec. 1, ShuangThe mayor's official residence is a modern-style building with a  decor consisting of Japanese- and Western and Japanese influence-style architecture.  When the Japanese troops evacuated at the end of World War II,  The Taichung Municipal Government of Taichung took over the building's ownership under the claim that it was a "Japanese Property".

The building has served as the "Mayor's Official Residence" since the city government claimed the ownership. After Mayor Hu came into office, he decided to make good use of the building. It is now a classic   venue for artistic and culture events and named  "Home of Culture and Art" .It is now a place  for leisure and artistic and a nice venue to hold cultural and festival events.


Chungshan Hall -Art Gallery

Is an amazing modern building  consisting of 2 underground levels and three above ground floors. It is located directly next to the Chung Cheng Park which has many people from morning to night walking and doing exercises Tai Chi. The Hall boasts being the largest theater in central Taiwan.. It was designed for a wide variety of theatrical performances  and events including dance shows, exhibitions,drama performances and    aND AND  musicals. The Hall plays a large community role in promoting the locals' spiritual life and artistic culture.


Jingming 1st Street (精明一街)


Link: http://www.jingming1st.com.tw/index.htm

Jingming First Street at night.

Jingming First Street, or 'Tea Street' as it is more frequently  called, is a popular tourist famous shopping area in Taichung. It is located in the block outlined by Jingcheng Road, Jingming 2nd Street, Dadun 9th Street and Dalong Street. Tea Street is open only to pedestrians and has many tea houses and restaurants. After you have dined in the many wonderful restaurants in the area, you can walk it off by window shopping the nearby shops and boutiques. Jingming First street is more than just a street; 




Taichung Park


Taichung Places To Go


Beautiful Taiwan Formosa Enchanting Scenery - Up to the Mountain 美麗 台灣 風情景色



                                               Formosa (Beautiful island) Taiwan 美麗島台灣



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