Shimen Mountain hike near Hehuan Mountain石門山

Shimen Mountain Hike: The Easiest of Taiwan's Top 100 Peaks 石門山


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At 3237 meters, Shimen Mountain (石門山) is #66 on Taiwan's 100 Peak list. Shimen is also the easiest and shortest hike up to one of the 100 peaks. The trailhead begins at the side of the road, and heads up a well groomed stairs/dirt path trail for 750 meters. You can get up top between 10-30 minutes depending on your pace.


It's so accessible, that you'll notice many people hopping out of there cars in nice shoes and high heels walking to the top. It's also a favorite of the tour group crowd.


The view is nice and it's cool feeling knowing you made it so easily to one of the top peaks.



Shimen Mountain     Shimen Mountain


The trailhead to Shimen Mountain is on the side of route 14. It's about a kilometer down the road from the Hehuan Vistior Center at Kilometer marker 33. There is a parking lot across from the trailhead. There are also 2 plaques describing Shimen and its name.





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