Taiwan National Park Permits-How to Apply


Before hiking in any of Taiwan's National Parks, hikers need to apply for a permit online. Hikers can also book bed and camping spots if needed.


As a reminder....

Here is the link for the police permits which you get after getting a National Park permit. It is a bit annoying as these two permits have nothing to do with each other. The police permit is a given and is never denied. You can get one on the website beforehand, or at the police station near the trailhead before your hike.

When hiking Jade Mountain, the police station is at the trailhead so just show up with your park permit and ID and fill out some forms.

EIT has a very comprehensive step by step to fill out a police permit online if you don't read Chinese.Click on the link below.


Police Permits for Mountain Hiking in Taiwan-How to Get One


National Park Permits


Below is the link for the Jade Mountain hiking permit. The website is in English and is easy to follow. Some things to note...

  1. You may only put in an application for a permit 4 months before the hiking date. You are notified if you received a permit 30 days before the date. You will be emailed whether you are accepted or not.
  2. There is a limit of 92 people for the Paiyun Lodge. It is based on a lottery system when more than the capacity apply. Weekends book up quickly.
  3. Foreign hikers can apply for one of 24 foreigner permits on Sundays-Thursdays. It is first come first serve. You must also upload a copy of your passport as part of the application.
  4. You can also apply for a one day permit up to Main Peak. You will not have a bed at the Paiyun lodge.
  5. If you do get a permit, you must the book meals and a sleeping bag (if you want them) by downloading the form and emailing it to the email address on the page. Here is the page link http://www.yushansky.com.tw/multimedia2.html


Click here for the Yushan National Park Online Application


Below is the first page of the application process. Click "Paiyun Lodge Advance Application" to get started.

Permit page for Jade Mt.

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