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Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊 is the overnight lodging for hikers planning to peak Jade Mountain Main Peak. Paiyun Lodge was rebuilt and then reopened in 2013. The new lodge is larger and now provides a bedding and meal service.

When you book your Jade Mountain Permit and bed at Paiyun, there are a few things hikers need to know regarding meals, bedding, and equipment. Here is a quick rundown of all you need to know about the Paiyun Lodge.



Jade Mountain Yushan Paiyun Lodge


Paiyun Lodge is located at 3,402 meters on the trail to the Main Peak of Jade Mountain. "Yu Shan"


Paiyun Sign


From the TataJia Saddle, which is the trailhead to Yushan National Park, it is a 8.5km walk to the lodge. It takes about 4-6 hours depending on your speed and fitness. Read about CLIMBING JADE MOUNTAIN HERE.


Paiyun lodge distance


The Paiyun Lodge sleeps about 100 people. You must stay in the lodge if you will spending an overnight on the mountain. There are no tenting options. Beds are limited and you must register 3 months in advance. READ HERE ABOUT GETTING PERMITS FOR JADE MOUNTAIN.


Paiyun Lodge entry


If you are hiking to the Main Peak, you want to arrive at Paiyun around 2-3 pm. There is a nice deck to relax on.


Paiyun Lodge deck


Before entering the lodge, you must take off your shoes. There are sandals to wear but it is a good idea to bring your own.


Paiyun Lodge dining hall


The dining area has several big tables. During the meal times, visitors come down at a set down and serve themselves buffet style.


Paiyun Dining Hall


Below are the meal times. There are a few. There is a 2:30am breakfast (before you head to the peak), a 6:00am breakfast, and an 8:30 "brunch".

There is an 11:30 lunch, and a 5:00 dinner. Sleeping bags are passed out at 3:00pm. All meals are 150NT except for dinner which is 300NT. Sleeping bags are 300NT. You MUST RESERVE MEALS AND SLEEPING BAGS BEFORE A WEEK BEFORE YOUR TRIP. You can find the link, in English, on the park website. Fill out the form of what meals you want and email it in. You must pay via a bank transfer, post office wire transfer, or ATM transfer before you leave on your trip.


Paiyun Lodge meal times


Paiyun Lodge has a small bathroom on the first floor. There is a bigger bathroom and shower outside in a small building next to the lodge. The inside bathroom is more for those late night, cold weather, or rainy trips.


Paiyun Lodge Hall


The second floor houses the rooms which have 11 bunk beds. Beds are assigned so when you enter the lodge, you must find the supervisor who will tell you where to sleep.


Paiyun Lodge bunks


Each bed has a thick mat on it. Depending on what you are used to, it could be too hard or just fine to sleep on. I recommend bringing your own sleeping pad as well.


Paiyun Lodge storage


Each bunk also has an assigned locker. Back packs and gear should be stored here and not in the bunk rooms.


Paiyun Lodge no cooking


There is no smoking in the lodge and also no cooking. They are quite strict about this. If you want to heat some water, it's best to get a little bit away from the lodge to do it.


Paiyun lodge sign


Below is the water tank for Paiyun. Visitors can use the spigot and fill up their water bottles here. The water is not treated but is fresh and fine to drink. Boil it to be safe.


Paiyun Lodge water


Below, a view of Paiyun as you approach.




Below, a view of Paiyun from the West Peak Hike. West Peak is a good 2 hour trip while you are waiting at Paiyun Lodge. It is on the Taiwan 100 Peak list.


Paiyun Lodge from west



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