Mt. Hehuan East Peak hike合歡山東峰


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Mt. Hehuan East Peak can be reached in under 1 hour by most tourists and visitors. The 3417 meter East Peak is #35 on Taiwan's 100 Peak list. Because you are starting at a height of 3150 meters, you only need to climb 300 meters to reach the top.


After crossing the Wuling Pass on Route 14, start heading down the road and you will soon come to the Hehuan Mountain Tourist Center. Find a parking spot and follow the signs across the street towards the Ski Villa and Song Xue Lou lodge/hotel. The signs are clear and it's just a 410 meter walk to the trailhead.



Hehuan East Peak     Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike



Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike     Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike



After you walk past the entrance to the Song Xue Lou hotel, you will see steps heading up through the grassy field. This is the trail entrance to the East Peak of Hehuan Mountain.



Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike     Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike



The trail heads up with a mixture of stairs and dirt path.It is basically a straight ascent to the peak. The mountain to your left is Chilai North Peak and Chilai Main Peak.


On the path, hikers will notice an abandoned and rusted out skilift. At one time, Hehuan had skiing. There was one lift and one slope and it ended down below at the ski lodge. However, due to landslides, earthquakes and typhoons, the lift was abandoned in 1985 and hasn't been used since. There also is a lot less snow than there used to be on Hehuan.  It's possible to walk into the old ski lift entry area, but be aware the brick structure is unstable and leaning. See the photos below...



Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike     Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike


After about 30-60 minutes you will arrive at the top of the East Peak. Look north and you will see the Hehuan North Peak. Look northwest and you can see the Hehuan Main Peak as welll as Route 14 going over the Wuling Pass.


Congratulations are in order as you have reached #35 of Taiwan's 100 peaks. Piece of cake!!!!!



Hehuan Mountain East Peak Hike     合歡山東峰


Time to Peak: 30-60 minutes


What To Bring Up Hehuan East Peak


Although it seems short, don't underestimate the east peak. The weather can change quickly. In the spring and summer, you may get rain. In the fall, you may get clouded in. In the winter you may get clouds and cold temperatures.


Always be prepared for the elements. Here is a short list to pack in your day pack:


  • 1 liter of water. Keep hydrated. You are over 3,000meters! It's easy to get dehyrdated at that altitude
  • hat and sunscreen
  • rain gear
  • some food to snack on (apples, oranges, nuts, crackers)
  • good hiking boots or shoes. No sandals
  • warm clothes depending on season. In winter, it snows up there!
  • your cell phone for an emergency
  • camera


Getting There


Car is the best way to get there.

  • From National Highway 3, turn onto National Highway 6. (It starts about 30 minutes south of Taichung City).
  • Drive Highway 6 until it ends in Puli (30 minutes)
  • Take a left and start heading up provincial route 14.
  • It takes about 45 minutes to get to Mist Plaza below Ching Jing Farm. There is a Starbucks there.
  • From Mist Plaza it is another 45 minutes to the Wuling Pass. It's a winding and tight road.
  • Cross over Wuling Pass and head downhill for about a kilometer. You will see the Hehuan Tourist Center on your right. There is a parking lot there where you can leave the car and explore the area.


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