7 Heroes of Guguan-Mt. Baimao #6 白毛山

by Robert Minor

The 7 Heroes of Guguan 谷關七雄 are 7 hikable mountains in the Guguan area located an hour east of Taichung City. Mt. Baimao is a short but steep hike and is ranked at #6. The hiking trails of these mountains are through beautiful old growth forest and are very well groomed. Although all can be hiked in a half day, the mountains can be steep and challenging at some parts.

Mt. Baimao:
Height: 1522 Meters
Distance: 4.9km (1 way)
Time Roundtrip: 5-7 hours
Altitude Gain: 720 Meters


Getting To Mt. Bai Mao Trailhead

Getting to the Mt. Baimao Trailhead is a bit tricky. You will drive along Route 8 to Kilometer Marker..... Here, you will bear right and head down a slope to a dam across the river. It looks as if you can't drive across the top of the dam, but there is a lane open for traffic. Make your way across and then take a right turn. Follow along the narrow road until you see a fork. Bear left down the very narrow road until you cross the orange bridge in the picture. Find a place to park.


Baimao Trailhead Sign


Baimao Trailhead Distances


Baimao Trailhead Map


Baimao Trail Start


Mt. Baimao Trail


Trail Conditions on Mt.Baimao


Stairway up Mt. Baimao


Mt. Baimao Final Ascent


Mt. Baimao Peak Marker


Sunset on the Mountain


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