7 Heroes of Guguan-Mt. Baxian #1 八仙山

by Robert Minor

The 7 Heroes of Guguan are 7 mountains in the Guguan area outside of Taichung City. Mt. Baxian is the highest of the seven peaks and is ranked as #1. The hiking trails of these mountains are through beautiful old growth forest. Although all can be hiked in a half day, the mountains can be steep and challenging at some parts.

Mt. Ba Xian:
Height: 2,366 Meters
Distance: 6.3 km (1 way)
Time Roundtrip: 7-9 hours
Altitude Gain: 1,366 Meters


Getting to Mt. Ba Xian Trailhead


Finding the Mt. Ba Xian Trailhead


Mt. Ba Xian Trailhead


The Climb Up Mt. Ba Xian Begins


On Mt. Baxian Trail


Logging Tracks


More Trail


Old Logging Elevator


Gorgeous Old Growth Forest


Old Tree


Final Peak Approach


Mt. Ba Xian Peak


Mt. Ba Xian Peak Pavilion


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