Fenqihu Town at Alishan-What to Eat奮起湖要吃什麽

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Tefuye Ancient Hiking Trail 阿里山特富野

Fenqihu:What to Eat 奮起湖要吃什麽

Fenqihu Township奮起湖


Fenqihu Railway Rice Lunchbox  鐵路便當


The most famous meal that almost everyone gets in Fenqihu is the traditional railway lunch box (Chinese: Tie lu bian dang). Although a few places sell them in town, there are 2 famous places to get them.


The lunch boxes were sold to passengers on the train which usually arrived in Fenqihu at noon. Passengers could buy the compact box while seated, passing the food and money through the train window.  The box consisted of rice, vegetables, and usually pork.



Fenqihu Famous rice box lunch     fenqihu railway rice box lunch bento box


The rice lunchbox sells for 120NT for the basic pork meal. There are now other variations with different contents and prices. Above is one restaurant that serves the lunchbox in a traditional round, metal box. You can purchase your own box for 300NT as a souvenir.


Below is the window at the Fenqihu train platform which also sells the lunch box. Stick your money in the window and the box lunch comes out.



fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks



Dried Tofu Sandwich 豆干堡


Located on the Fenqihu old street, this Dried Tofu Sandwich has become famous.  It is simply a large hunk of dried tofu split down the middle with pickled veggies, pork, and spices stuffed in it. So simple, yet truly delicious.



fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks     fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks


Baked Donuts 現烤甜甜圈


For some strange reason, these donuts are a hit in Fenqihu. Get there early as they sell out by the mid afternoon. The only place that sells them is outside of the old street as you walk on the walking path around the town. They're a great snack.


fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks     fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks



fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks


Sticky Rice Cakes 糯米糕


These treats are a Taiwanese specialty with a twist. Located just off the old street, this "A-ma", grandma, steams tubs of these heavy, sticky rice treats. When you show up, you may get lucky and get one right away. Most times, you need to wait for the next batch to finish cooking as they sell out quickly.


The sticky rice wrapping has many fillings and flavors like  red bean, peanut, sweet potato, taro, and a salty veggie mixture. Get a box to go as you could eat them all week.


fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks     fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks


Alishan Coffee阿里山咖啡


Alishan is famous for its tea plantations. There is also some coffee growing there as well. Stop and sip a latte while enjoying the view and mountain air.


fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks


Crispy Old Street Snacks 老街的點心


The Fenqihu old street has varieties of dried snack food for you to sample and take home.  Take home a wooden train whistle blower while you're at it!!


fenqihu and Alishan food and snacks     train whistle blower at alishan fenqihu


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