EIT's Top Ten Where to go Shopping in Kaohsiung (#6 to #10)

Kaohsiung shopping list (#1 to #5)...


#12) We've added a #12 


Taiwan's largest night market in Kaohsiung City: Kai Xuan/Jin Zhuan Night Market


taiwan's largest night market


#11) We've added a #11

A fabulous and unique place to shop....The Kaohsiung Jade Market


jade market of kaohsiung



#10) Yuzhu Street/Datong262 玉竹商圈

Yuzhu Street - Datong262 玉竹商圈

The entrance to Yuzhu Street is actually right across the street from the entrance on XinJueJiang next to the McDonald’s. It would seem that these two markets would be one in the same but they are separate. They still both cater to a younger scene.

On weekends, the street is full of young people shopping for the latest hip clothes at discount prices. The street is behind the pink Da Tong 262 building which is on the busy intersection of Wufu Road and Zhong Shang Road across from Central Park. There are small alley side cafes to sit and people watch, but most everyone is shopping at a stall or one of the little boutiques. It is an essential part of the downtown shopping experience in Kaohsiung.


Who goes there: teens


What to buy: inexpensive clothes and accessories


Price range: low


Getting There: MRT Red Line R9


Address: 高雄市玉竹一街   Yu Zhu First Street, Kaohsiung City



A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: window shop for hip Taiwan fashion




#9) Rui Feng Night Market 瑞豐夜市


THE REI FENG NIGHT MARKET is the most popular night market in Kaohsiung City. It is located in the Zuoying District at the R14 MRT stop.



#8) Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市


The LIUHE NIGHT MARKET is a popular night market  located in central Kaohsiung City.










#7)  三鳳中街“San Feng Zhong Jie”   Sanfonzon Wholesale Market

三鳳中街“San Feng Jie”   Sanfonzon Wholesale Market Kaohsiung

The San Feng Wholesale Market is Kaohsiung’s greatest example of a traditional dry foods market. It is a long narrow alley, now covered, with open storefronts on either side. Stores sell nuts, candy, dried fruits, meat, and soy products.

Most items are sold in bulk, however, many shops will let you purchase smaller amounts. The best time to go here is near Chinese New Year.





A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do: Visit at Chinese New Year.




#6) Dali Star Place  大立精品店

Han Shen Department Store on Cheng Gong Road Kaohsiung

Dali Star Plaza is home to a large collection of over 30 international fashion boutiques. Here is where you’ll find the Louis Vuitton flagship store as well as Prada, Bottega Veneta,  and Tod’s.  

The store markets itself as “Luxury Beyone Imagination”. The store is quite new and is connected by a 4th floor walkway to the original Dali Department story. There are several high dining restaurants on the top floors with great views of downtown Kaohsiung and Central Park. It is a high fashion shopper’s paradise.


Who goes there: high fashion shoppers and window shoppers


What to buy: top brand goods


Price range: high


Getting There: Take the Red Line MRT to stop R9. Exit and walk down Wufu Road along the park until you hit the traffic circle.


A 'must do' according to EIT Shifu!EIT’s MUST do:Have dinner at one of the top floor restaurants. Great view of the night lights.




Address: 五福三鹿57号前金區高雄市



Website: www.starplace-talee.com.tw


Kaohsiung shopping list (#1 to #5)...

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