Taipei Fish Market 臺北魚市


The Taipei Fish Market was redesigned in 2012 and reopened as the "Shang Yin Addiction Aquatic"上引水產. The space was originally a morning fish market (which is now next door) that catered to the local neighborhood. Now with a modern look and setting, the fish market attracts locals and  visitors to buy fresh seafood that can be cooked and eaten on the premises or taken to go.



The layout of the market is simple. One entrance takes you into the fresh seafood area where bins of live fish, king crabs, clams, and oysters are for sale. The other entrance is for the market area with sells sushi, fruit, wine, and various cooked seafoods. Patrons can order at several small restaurants and sit to eat or buy several items to go and find a standing table outside to eat at.




Getting to The Taipei Fish Market

Getting to the fish market involves a little walking.

The address is Minzu East Road, Lane 410, Alley 2, #18. Click here for Google Map Link

There is also a map on their website at


My suggestion is to take the MRT Orange Line to the Xing Tian Temple Station. Walk out Exit 3 and continue walking north on Song Jiang Road. Walk for about 10 minutes until you get to Min Zu East Road. The Jianguo overpass will be above you. Take a right on Min Zu East Road and walk a few minutes. At Jianguo North Road Alley 113, take a right and walk down the alley. The fish market entrance will be ahead of you.



The Shang Yin Addiction Aquatic has a large open seafood area (see below) where seafood can be bought and prepared on the premises.



At the time we went, October, there were pools of fresh king crab for sale.



You can ask the market to cook the king crab for you before you take it home. Below is a steamed crab.



Huge oysters for sale. Chalkboards give you the prices according to weight.



Fresh fish on ice. The market will clean and prep the fish for you before you take it home.



After you leave the water tank area, the market opens up into what looks like a chic supermarket. I was amazed at the variety of fresh sushi available.



Fresh cooked crab legs to go.



There were also selections of other prepared and cooked seafood. Below are breaded scallops.



Cooked shrimp, scallops, and fish can be bought and then taken home, or brought outside to be eaten at any of the standing tables.



Different food items being prepared.



As you walk around the market, there are a few restaurants with menus. You can sit at a table or bar and order a set plate or specific items. One place had a seafood plate, including crab legs, for 1,280 NT.



I was shocked to see a wine bar at the market. You can buy a bottle or have a glass. Unfortunately, you can't eat your food at the wine bar, but they let us take our wine glasses to the outside tables. White wine with fresh seafood tasted great!



The market has other items for sale like fresh fruit, beers, wines, and sake.



I would like to visit this market when the weather cools and it is nice to sit outside. The outside eating area is a restaurant and has a nice menu of barbecue and hot pot dishes.



The Taipei Fish Market is busy on weekends. There are quite a few visitors from other countries (mostly Asian) looking to get a chance at some fresh Taiwan seafood. It's worth a visit....



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