Cookbox Baking and Western Food Store 旺來興


Cookbox 旺來興 (Wang Lai Xing) is a baking supplies/western supermarket with two branches in Kaohsiung City. From bread to cakes to cookies, Cookbox has all the supplies you'll need.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Cookbox has two location in Kaohsiung City. Both have a supermarket feel and carry the same items.


Cookbox Baking Supplies-Kaohsiung City


Getting to Cookbox

There are two locations in Kaohsiung City:


North Kaohsiung

The North Kaohsiung location is on Ming Cheng Road near the corner of Bo Ai Road. 

The address is: 461 Ming Cheng 3rd Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City 

明誠店 TEL:(07)550-5991 高雄市鼓山區明誠三路461號



Niao Song Location

The original location borders on Fengshan.

The address is: 151 Benguan Road, Niao Song Township, Kaohsiung City

總 店 TEL:(07)370-2223 高雄縣鳥松鄉本館路151號


Cookbox Website HERE


What Can You Get At Cookbox?


Cookbox is full of supplies and ingredients for all your baking needs. They also carry lots of imported food products including some in bulk sizes.


Below, sauces and condiments line the shelves.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


LOTS of spice options for sale.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


More imported condiments.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Lots of selections for chocolate used in baking.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Hershey's syrups on the shelves.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Yeasts and baking powders.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Baking pans for breads, cakes, and cupcakes.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


There is a frozen section in the rear. You can find frozen dumplings, tortillas, pizza crusts, butter, whipping creams, and cream cheeses.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Pizza crusts and cheeses for sale.


Cookbox Baking Store-Kaohsiung


Cookbox is a popular store and an additional supermarket choice to Costco and Carrefour.

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