Ocean Diving in Taiwan

Diving in Taiwan is plentiful and easy. There is no shortage of dive spots around the main island of Taiwan as well as the surrounding islands like Orchid and Green Island.


Diving in Kenting     Diving in Orchid island



Experienced divers will like the freedom of picking up a few cheaps tanks and heading to various walk in spots in Kenting in the south or Ilan in the north. There is also no shortage of opportunities to get your PADI certification in Taiwan as prices are relatively cheaper and dive spots are just a short drive away. Within two weeks you'll be diving like a pro.


Divers should be aware that many of the fish have been fished out of many coastal spots. Also, many reefs have been damaged or killed. Taiwan is still not active in preserving its coastal habitats.


Nonetheless, there are many small things to look as well as plenty of sea snakes, cuttlefish, turtles, tropical fish, and even hammerhead sharks which appear off Green Island from January-February.


Most dives are shore dives, however, Kenting has a few boat dive spots. Orchid Island and Green Island both have more boat dive options including a shipwreck dive off Orchid.



Diving in Kenting is great fun     some tropical fish still are around Kenting



List of Dive Operators in Taiwan


Green Island Adventures


U Dive Scuba Diving


Taiwan Dive


Pictured below, ferry arrival to Orchid Island. Orchid Island  is a great spot for a dive weekend.


Arriving in Orchid Island Taiwan to dive



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