2017 Taiwan Holidays-Year of the Rooster

2017 year of the rooster



Calendar of official government holidays for Taiwan (up to date as of January 1st, 2017)

  Dates Holiday Observed Holiday Holiday Details
   January2nd New Years Day 3 day weekend from Saturday to Monday
  Thursday, January 26th** Chinese New Years Eve Chinese New Years Eve/**Technically not a hoilday
  Friday, January 27th to Wednesday Feburary 1 Chinese New Year Holiday The official CNY holiday is 6 days in 2017.
  Monday & Tuesday February 27 & 28 Peace Memorial Day Peace Memorial Day (Commemorating the 2/28 incident in 1947, which is every year  on February 28th). The hoiday is being observed on Monday and Tuesday in 2017
  Monday and Tuesday April 3 & & 4 Tomb Sweeping Day & Children's Day In 2017 Tomb Sweeping Day and Children's day are being observed on Monday and Tuesday.
  Monday and Tuesday May 29 & 30 Dragon Boat Festival 4 day weekend for Duan Wu Jie - Dragon Boat Festival.
  Wednesday, October 4 Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 is mid-week day off.  This festival is also commonly called the Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival, Zhongqiu Festival, and the Chinese Lantern Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, which translates to September or October in the Gregorian solar calendar.
  Monday and Tuesday October 9 & 10 National Day 2017 Double-Ten is a 4 Day Weekend.   The holiday commemorates the founding of the Republic of China on October 10th, 1911.



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