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Communications services that offer mobile phone numbers,  cell phone sim cards, internet for mobile devices, ADSL, broadband, and cable tv/internet are readily availabe throughout Taiwan. In fact Taiwan is probably one of the most saturated markets in Asia for telecommunications services. There's a whole host of services that can be acquired.


If you're new to Taiwan, be prepared to have cash ready for mobile services as the big carriers generally want some sort of deposit, often around NT$3000 for a mobile number. You may also be required to have a local Taiwanese friend or family member sign on the form as your co-signer/guarantor. 


Getting a phone is not that difficult but options vary from phone company to phone company...You need to make some decisions though. If you already own a phone that can take a SIM card (which just goes inside the phone) then you just need to purchase a new SIM card with a new phone number.


Considerations as to which service/carrier to choose:

  1. Which Plan type should I choose? Maximum calls for minimum charges? Low monthly fee but higher per-minute charge?
  2. Should I choose Pay-as You-Go: Usually in amounts of NT$300 or NT$1000
  3. Should I get a phone contract? If you're staying here more than 1 year this may be for you but often plans require 2 years minimum.
  4. Am I going to need to pay a deposit? (Could be as much as NT$3000)
  5. Do I have someone who will be my guarantor?
  6. Calling same company to same company e.g. Chunghwa Telecom to Chunghwa Telecom is generally cheaper (an "in-house" call) than calling other carriers. In-house are given a reduce rate. So, if you are also buying a phone for your spouse or plan to call a friend a lot consider buying two numbers from the same phone company.
  7. Make sure you can change the interface for the phone you choose to English, unless your Chinese is excellent or you want a challenge.
  8. Check to see if voicemail is enabled. Sometimes it's on by default and your calls go straight into voicemail. You are then charged for the call.


Some things to be aware of:

  • Mobile carriers in Taiwan charge you when you place a call, but not when you receive a call. Be aware of this if you have people calling you and hanging up so you have to call them back.
  • You are charged by the 20 second increment (but in some cases by the minute) depending on the carrier
  • When you receive voicemail you are charged.
  • When you send text messages you are charged, and this charge can be quite high.
  • Contracts are expensive if broken. Don't sign a 1 or 2 year contract unless you're prepared to pay the penalty for a broken contract (especially in the first 1/2 or so of the agreement.)
  • International calls are not cheap. Check times and rates with each carrier for more information.
  • Although generally speaking mobile signals in Taiwan are ubiquitous, not all carriers are the same from North to South. If you're spending more time in Taipei vs. Kaohsiung check with friends and carriers to find out which company will suit your needs.


Once you do have a mobile phone and/or internet service provider, you can pay your bills at most convenience stores like 7-11, Family Mart, and HiLife. You can also pay at the phone company or telecom service provider. Another option is to have your bill deducted straight out of your account.


Below is a partial list of providers of telecom services in Taiwan:



English: Chunghwa Telecom

Provides: Home Internet, Mobile Numbers, Mobile Internet, WIFI Services

Locations: Every major city in Taiwan

Requirement: Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) or proof of employment from a domestic company

Customer Service: 0800-080-123 or just 123


Pay as you Go:

  • 1. Ideal Card
    Comes with a mobile phone number. Face value NT$1,000 includes NT$300 connection credit. Valid for 180 days. Can be recharged and validity period extended using an additional ID number.

  • 2. Refill Card
    Has a 12-digit number printed on the card. Face values of NT$328, NT$528 and NT$928. Valid for 180 days. Used to recharge Ideal Card and extend its validity period without having to change numbers.

    Purchase a new recharge card at any convenient "Ideal Card" distribution outlet.


Taiwan Mobile - Taiwan DaGeDa

English: Taiwan Mobile

Provides: Mobile Phones, Mobile Numbers, Mobile Internet

Requirements: ARC or National Taiwan ID, Deposit for Foreigners, Guarantor

Customer Service: 188 from your mobile phone or 2-66062999 (24 hours)




Customer Service: 0800-058-885

Provides: Mobile Phones, Mobile Numbers, Mobile Internet

Requirements: ARC or National Taiwan ID, Deposit for Foreigners, Guarantor


Pay as you Go:

  • Purchase a new rechargeable "IF" card at any convenient "IF Recharge Card" distribution outlet.
  • $600 NT sign up and you will get $300 NT in minutes. Activation of your new number will take up to 24 houers.



Customer Service: 0800-66-1234


Prepaid: Vibo offers a prepaid calling plan that's available with NT$300 and NT$500 recharge cards. Information and details here:,,,,.html


WIMAX Providers in Taiwan


FITEL (Northern Taiwan)

Global Mobile Corporation/G1 (Northern Taiwan)

VMAX (Northern Taiwan)

Tatung Infocom (Southern Taiwan)

Vee Telecom (Southern Taiwan)

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