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The Purpose of the Taiwan Scholarship Program-

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The purpose of the Taiwan Scholarship Program is to encourage promising students from foreign countries to pursue their studies in Taiwan and to enhance educational and academic exchange.

Types of Scholarships and Benefits:

(1) Undergraduate Scholarships: These scholarships are for qualified foreign students who want to pursue undergraduate studies at universities/colleges in Taiwan.

 A stipend of NT $25,000 per month per student will be provided for your living expenses.

(2) Master's Scholarships: Scholarships in the amount of NT $30,000 per month will be provided for qualified foreign students who want to pursue their master's degrees at universities/colleges in Taiwan.

(3) Ph.D. Scholarships: Scholarships in the amount of NT $30,000 per month will be provided for qualified foreign students who want to pursue their PhD. degrees at universities/colleges in Taiwan .


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        For recipients from countries maintaining formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, monthly stipends of NT$30,000 will be provided to them to pursue undergraduate degrees in Taiwan. In addition, an economy class round trip airfare ticket will be offered to each recipient from such countries upon approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Scholarship stipends will be made available to recipients on a monthly basis in care of universities. Recipients will be responsible for registration fees, tuition fees, their own accommodations, food, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses.

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Awards and Types of Scholarships Offered by Government Agencies

Taiwan scholarship awards will be decided by the Taiwan Scholarship Management and Promotion Committee and will be announced by the overseas Taiwan missions in January every year.
Taiwan Scholarships are jointly funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the National Science Committee of the Executive Yuan (NSC) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Scholarships offered by the aforementioned agencies are as follows:
  (1) MOE:   Undergraduate/Master's/ PhD. Scholarships.
  (2) MOFA: Undergraduate Scholarships;
  (3) NSC:   Master's/ PhD. Scholarships; and
  (4) MOEA: Master's/ Ph.D. Scholarships; limited to graduate degree programs and are related to science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and hi-tech fields.

Qualifications For Applicants

Applicants applying to the Taiwan Scholarship Program must meet the following requirements:
  (1)  must have an outstanding academic record, and be of good character;
  (2)  must not be overseas Chinese students or foreign students who are concurrently holding a Taiwan nationality (see NOTE); and
  (3)  must not be exchange students, nor be in receipt of any other scholarships from any other Taiwan government agencies.
For further requirements please refer to the Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines .

The Scholarship Application & Selection Process

All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan overseas mission, in the country of the applicant's citizenship, from February 1st until the end of March of each year. These overseas Taiwan missions will be responsible for the selection of recipients. (See 6 below)

Applicants must contact the relevant Taiwan overseas missions for the amount of awards and scholarship types that are available to their home country. Candidates must satisfy both the general eligibility criteria and any additional specific criteria from their country.

(Please log on the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs at   for contact information)


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Post-scholarship Opportunities
Pursuant to the "Employment Service Law", scholarship recipients are entitled to apply for a working permit in Taiwan within one year of their graduation.

    The Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines may be subject to change without notice
Applicants who are interested in the Taiwan Scholarship Program may access information about Taiwan's universities/colleges and the latest program guidelines by going to the Ministry of Education's website ( )

     NOTE: Overseas Chinese students who plan to travel to Taiwan in order to pursue studies should contact the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission ( ), in order to apply for Overseas Chinese Student Scholarships in accordance with the Regulations Governing Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan . They should not apply for support from the Taiwan Scholarship Program described above. Foreign students who are currently studying in Taiwan should apply for the Foreign Student Scholarships provided by their universities or colleges.

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