Hospitals Executing Health Examination

Hospitals Allowed to Execute Health Examination for Alien Workers in Taiwan.

"NOTE" ! There has been dramatic new changes to the number of locations  (About 50 locations) Hospitals Allowed to Execute Health Examination for Alien Workers in Taiwan Area.

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If you're planning on teaching English In Taiwan or just traveling, emergency medical insurance is a smart thing to get.
Even if medical insurance is covered by your contract, ask yourself and investigate the following:

  1. It does not start immediately
  2. Is it only local coverage
  3. Coverage may not be complete
  4. What if you need to return home for any reason
  5. What if you're ill and you need a family member to come to Taiwan


Do not rely on your current health plan whether government or private to cover the costs if you get sick or injured while you are abroad. At best, your health plan will cover only a portion of the bill. In most cases, you will need to pay your medical costs first, then fill out proper paperwork and apply for a portion of the costs reimbursed to you at a later date.


Joining the National Health Insurance Program of the R.O.C.


Enrollment & Withdrawal:

From July 17th 1999, foreigners with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) who have resided in Taiwan for more than four months are required to enroll in the NHI program immediately.

Employees with regular employers must enroll in the NHI program from the first workday under Category 1.

Employers must enroll in the NHI program on behalf of their employees. Please attach one copy of the employee’s working permit and Alien Resident Certificate at the time of application.

Foreign employers must enroll in the NHI program after residing in Taiwan for more than four months.

Individuals who are not working but are qualified according to the NHI regulations must enroll in the NHI program as dependents of the insured.

Individuals who are not working, and are not qualified as dependents according to NHI regulations must enroll in the NHI program under Category 6. After residing in Taiwan for more than four months, they must go to their local (city/district/town/village) administration office with their Alien Resident Certificate to enroll in the NHI Program.

Foreigners, losing their residence status because they no longer hold a valid ARC or because of not returning back to Taiwan, will also lose their right to participate the NHI program. They must withdraw their subscription to the NHI program through their group insurance applicants (their employers or local administration offices) and then return their NHI card to their applicants and pay up the premiums in full before leaving Taiwan.

When traveling overseas for a short period of time, either on business or on vacation, and then returning to Taiwan with a valid ARC, foreigners must remain enrolled in the NHI program.


NHI Medical Services:

In cases of illness, injury, and childbirth, the beneficiaries can receive medical services; including medication, outpatient and inpatient services from NHI contracted healthcare providers.

The beneficiaries must pay co-payments for receiving medical services and follow medical regulations.



People who are qualified to be the beneficiaries of the NHI Program must enroll in the National Health Insurance Program under an appropriate category. The insured are classified into six categories according to their occupation. The insured and their dependents must pay premiums monthly. Employees and their dependents’ premiums will be directly deducted from their salaries for their convenience.

For Category 6, those who enroll through local (city/district/town/village) administration offices, the local branch of the Bureau of National Health Insurance will mail them their premium bills by the end of the next month. The insured may pay premiums for their dependents and themselves at banks or other agencies that have been contracted with the BNHI.

Premiums may be also paid directly through a monthly bank account transfer.


Medical Expenses Reimbursement:

In cases where beneficiaries receive medical services overseas, such as unexpected medical needs or childbirth, they are entitled to claim reimbursement. They should make their claim within six months after the unexpected occurrence with receipts, including detailed service items and documents of diagnosis.


Penalty for Violations:

The National Health Insurance Program is mandatory; any person who is qualified for this Program must enroll in the National Health Insurance Program. Any person who doesn’t enroll is subject to a fine of NT $3,000 to NT $15,000. In addition, this person is required to pay the full premiums starting from the date she or he must be enrolled. No benefits will be offered before the premiums are paid in full. A notice of penalty violation will be delivered in writing and the fine must be paid on time. If the fines imposed remain unpaid, after a given period of time the case will be referred to the courts for compulsory enforcement.


For more accurate and up to date information regarding Medical Insurance try the link below:

Bureau of National Health Insurance

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