Buying a Car, Scooter, or Motorcycle in Taiwan

Generally  a scooter will satisfy the needs of most residents in Taiwan, though during certain  times you just need something bigger roomier and for bad weather or long trips. Buying a car in Taiwan can be a challenge for anyone, but this guide will pave the way for any prospective buyer.




Things you will need to buy a car


*  An ARC (Alien Resident Certificate)

* Money

* A Drivers License

* A Name Chop (Name Stamp)

                          Buting a Car

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      If purchasing a used car make sure you get the car  inspected at a reliable car mechanic first.  Finding good quality is a concern. Auto experts can help you in checking vehicles for needed reparis, accident history, translation, and generally ensuring a smooth transaction.

      Taichung recommended Mechanic

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      The price of a new car is always negotiable. If you don't barter well, bring someone (preferably Taiwnaese) along who can! You'll get a much better deal.

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      Make sure you fully understand all the paperwork you are signing. Although the paperwork and documentation may all be in Mandarin Chinese, it is important to check that the engine and chassis numbers and color on the vehicle match that of its documentation. It is illegal to register and/or operate a vehicle with mismatching  engine and chassis numbers and colodocuments.

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      If asked, it is fine to hand over your A.R.C. for a couple of days. The salesperson may need that time to register the vehicle under its new name at the motor vehicle office. If you feel more comfortable, accompany the salesperson to the office.

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      Upon purchase you will typically need to make a token deposit. The deposit will be reflected on the contract.

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      Make sure before driving the car that you are fully insured. Taiwan has a higher rate of road accidents than many Western countries, but insurance costs are relatively low. It is the vehicle, not the driver, that is insured in Taiwan. This means that any licensed driver may use the car without additional insurance.



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