6th Cafe



No. 154, Tóngdé 6th Street, Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan (桃園市同德六街154)





Western-style diner & cafe in Taoyuan.


2/3 Lounge Cafe

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Wide range of beverages including coffee, tea, fru...

Taoyuan City Cheng Gung Road, Sec. 2, #17, 3F

Arches Thai Food

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Thai Food is so delicious here.
Arches Thai Foo...

No. 225, Section 1 | Dashing W. Rd,

Debbies Western Bistro

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Debbie's is a western bistro located in Taoyuan wi...

419 Da You Road, Taoyuan City

Feng Yao Szechuan/Chinese Restaurant 豐瑤川菜館

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Xia Men Street, #12, Taoyuan City

Gwan Lin Teppanyaki

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Gwan Lin Teppanyaki in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Taoyuan City, Chung Shan Road, #7

M & L Cafe in Taoyuan, Taiwan

M & L Cafe 李西餐廳

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M& L is a quaint western food cafe with great ...

#192, Nan Kan Road, Lu Zhu Township, Taoyuan County

Shang Fu Chinese Restaurant 上福麵食館

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Zhong Pu Second Street #38 Taoyuan City

Thai Mei Wei Thai Food in Taoyuan

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Thai Mei Wei is an affordable Thai food choice in ...

Zhong Zheng Road #68 Taoyuan City

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