The Diner 2 (DunHo)


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No.6, Lane 103, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei (台北市敦化南路103巷6號)


TEL: (02) 2754-1680

Are you up to a fabulous tasting American breakfast today? Get on your scooter, grab your friends and get on down to the Diner Taipei. The Diner restaurant is renowned for filling a hungry belly with delicious western food, a bottomless cup of coffee or black tea `and topped off with fantastic service with each time you visit.
About the owner, her name is Amy Du, and Yes folks, she seems to be doing everything right. Comfort on a plate. She obviously has a true inspiration for American food and knows how to capture the taste and feel of the west. Her ideas and vision ensures her customers keep coming back for more. With 2 convenient locations to serve you, that are sporting 2 floors of spacious tables at each location. Enter into a Taipei American breakfast adventure any day of the week. Impress yourself and your friends with the fresh ingredients and skilled cooking , just like Mom made back home in the wild west. Bring an appetite as the servings are huge. This Taipei restaurant is not to be missed while in Taipei and please, take your time to choose as the menu is full of top choice dishes you usually see spread across diners in America true Taipei dining experience. The staff is overly friendly. Any day of the week is a great time to eat breakfast brunch or dinner. and see why The Diner is one of Taipei's most favored spots for foreigners and Taiwanese alike. Drop in for a coffee or free Wi-Fi offered at this traditional American food establishment. Their restaurant exudes wonderful western recipes prepared in the stylish decor making it a truly memorable moment for a dining in Taiwan experience. Take a stroll after your delightful meal for traditional Taiwan shopping in both locations.
Set meals
They welcome groups of any size with reservations
All day brunch
Seasonal fruit
The Taiwan restaurants no secret anymore as it rivals any place.
Popular dishes on the extensive menu include:

the Diner (RuiAn)
No.145, Rui-an St., Taipei

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This is my favorite breakfast spot and or brunch. You should try the Eggs Benedict. MMMMM mmm Yummy



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