The Hangout Bar and Restaurant Sports Bar


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128-32, Gongyuan Rd., Tainan (台南市北區公園路128-32號)




Your place for chillin out. Hang out. Find new friends. Have a drink special and eat some delicious grub from the extensive menu. If You look out for a pool game or darts this is the place to be. This favorite Expat hangout has been going for years and keeps the regulars coming back. Located on a walking street with many other pubs.
buy 3 get 1 free!每週三本店只提供花生,注意囉,千萬吃完花生一定要把殼往地下丟唷,不然要買酒請大家喝,凡憑學生證8折優待唷~ Monday Student Night you will get 20% off ,Welcome to Hangout,join us~^^~ 本店可使用"消費券"一律九折優待唷~ 我們提供的是愉悅自在的用餐氣氛,以及口味道地的美式食物,並且不定期舉辦促銷活動和推出新產品,非常適合朋友聚會以及認識新朋友Party time and Hangout Pool competition ,you can check the Hangout blog 每個月不定時會在星期六舉辦Party活動和撞球比賽店內固定播放 Satellite TV(projector)二台超大螢幕,讓您更享受!The Hangout all of videos:Party in Hangout (在本店辦生日) will for Birthday star -test tub (20根管) 贈送試管一組!凡持有Lions票根或穿著Lions T-Shirt (限棒球活動在台南) Show "Lions"ticket or T-Shirt,you will get 20% off 台灣啤酒買三送一 Taiwan Beer,buy 3 and get 1 free,很感謝大家對The Hangout Bar 的喜愛與支持,來到這裡不只來享受輕鬆,也可以參加一些戶外活動唷!
Krombacher Draft Beer - Heineken - Corona - Taiwan Beer - Budweiser - Erdinger (Light) - Murphy's - Guinness - and more are available

Enjoy Your meal! Various dishes are available to choose from. Check for special offers before 9pm.

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Scooter parking nearby. Walking Street.


A fun and cool hANGOUT place to see sports and meet fellow expats and play games or drink tons. The kitchen is great too!



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