La Terrasse Bistro Taichung


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43, Ta Sheng St. Taichung (台中市西區大聖街43號)


Tel: 04-2325-6982

Europe doesn’t have the space that Canada or the USA have. In European cities such as London, Rome or Paris real estate does not depend so much on its location but rather by the size of its balcony. From balcony to balcony neighbors exchange the latest gossip or talk sports.
On the ground, on the streets everywhere, many restaurant owners wanted to create this same feeling of camaraderie by creating an ambience of home, neighbor and friendship and that is how a terrasse bistro was born—terrasse being the French word for balcony (and where we got our word ‘terrace’ from).
It is with such feeling in mind that in Taichung La Terrasse was established—a place where friends can meet, talk about this and that and enjoy a good meal while doing it. La Terrasse, now approaching its 15th year of existence always finds ways to let its customers find something new to put in their mouth. With sea food such as smoked salmon, or Tuna melt on rye and a wide range of western food and a variety of meals and light snacks such as BBQ ribs, chicken wings, sandwiches and even pizza.
And just like any balcony or terrace La Terrasse has seating both indoors and outdoors.
The friendly and helpful management staff make this a place you will re-visit throughout the year. Watch for their special dinners during holidays like Christmas. The turkey dinner will take your taste buds home to Mom.
Come and take a look at this Taichung bistro. It’s located just a few meters from Biz House a block away from Geant on DaDun street (Near DadunShi Shi 2nd st.) Enjoy. Bienvenue et bon appétit.


I have yet to find better place to enjoy a truly amazing meal in
such a relaxing patio enviroment. : )


I have never has such a great dinner in Taichung as I did in La Terrasse.
Prepared to perfection. I Highly reccommend this restaurant.



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