Ken's Ravioli Restaurant Italian Kitchen


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No. 127, DaDun 17th St., Taichung City (台中市大墩十七街127號)


04 2328 6310

Where's Kristie? She's taking a dump. Actually considering her size it's more like a tiny dump, or a dumpling.

Yup, the first time I heard the word dumpling it did not conjure food that I would want to eat. But names are deceptive. And if we consider food in the same family as dumplings but come from the other side of the ocean, Italy, then we're talking goodies.

And Yummy, yummy thoughts come to mind. Sticking to Italy we head to a restaurant that has a nbame with no resemblance to Italian food but serves it, and does so well. We are referring to Ken's Ravioli Kitchen. It serves ravioli made with (Are you ready for this?), ink-fish, pumpkins, a spinach sauce, tomatoes and other ingredients, herbs & spices. You'll also find other ingredients creating a different kind of ravioli as part of it's Italian family. A friend had the Wild Italian Mushrooms, Chicken Soup (NT$60)> The mushrooms are porcini, as the Italians call them. These mushrooms come mainly from northern Italy. The porcini mushroom soup is stewed on low heat and many high-quality ingredients are added as well.

I liked the Shrimp Ravioli with Pesto Sauce. My girlfriend had the Shrimp Ravioli with Creamy Wild Mushrooms Sauc which she loved describing it as a softer less heavy kind of ravioli.

Oh yeah and my girlfriend also had the Baked Beef Ravioli with Tomato Basil (basilico) Sauce. Yup she was hungry and she loved the food there (and she's only 41kg.)
Enjoy our outdoor patio in the summer.
So now that we mentioned all these ravioli, we ask the question, “Why is it called? Ken's Ravioli Kitchen?” All I know is that the prices are exactly what I like them to be; low enough.

Location Details


Parking lot down the block. Some car stalls on street. Ample scooter


Special food made by special people. Very fresh and tasty in every bite. Try it, I don't think you will be let down from their nice Italian food. (Betty)





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