The Rock Garden Pizza Kenting


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Route 26 at 53.5 kilometer marker. Look for the driveway and walk in. (墾丁佳樂水)


09 2575 1032

The Rock Garden is a small, quaint eatery which is owned and operated by a Canadian expat. The Rock Garden is by reservation only as the chef has a limited menu and quantity of food he cooks per day. Once he runs out, he's finished for the day. There is also very limited seating.

Again, you must make reservations to eat at The Rock Garden. The owner is strict about having reservation only customers so he can prepare for the day. Walk ins are rarely accepted. It has become quite a popular destination as word of mouth spreads.

To find it when you are going from Kenting, the Rock Garden is 300 meters off the main road (Route 26) on the right side before the bridge at Jialeshui Beach.

Follow Route 26 and at the 53.5 Kilometer marker, look for the driveway and walk in.

The menu is pizzas and pastas, but you never know what the owner might also have added.


Fantastic pizza in Kenting!


So great. Jonathan is a great cook. But make your reservations and pre-order. There's limited seating and they aren't always open. Pasta and pizza and nice cold beers!



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