Shakespeare Boulangerie --Art Museum莎士比亞烘焙坊



Kaoshsiung City, Gushan District, Mei Shu East 2nd Road #51 (高雄市鼓山區美術東二路51號, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 80460)


07 586 7256


Shakespeare & Co. Boulangerie is one of three premier bakeries in Kaohsiung City serving up the highest quality of breads and pastries fresh daily.

Shakespeare was started by an apprentice of the famous Wupaochun Bakery. In addition to Pasadena, these three bread bakeries provide the freshest breads and pastries fresh from the oven daily.

The signature bread from Shakespeare is the "Honey Nest" bread. It is a round loaf with a light honey flavor and the design of a bird nest imprinted on the top.

Shakespeare has 3 locations in Kaohsiung City.
1) The Art Museum location on Meishu Dong Road.
2) The Cultural Center Location on Guanghua Road
3) The Qixian 3rd Road location.

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