Mo Java/La Face


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No. 233, SiWei 4th Rd., Kaohsiung City 1F (高雄市四維四路233號1F)


07 969 9751

Mo Java Restaurant and La Face lounge bar are conveniently located (in the same building) at the end of Sei Wei 4th Rd near the old Pig and Whistle. Come for the great food and stay for the drinks and relaxed atmosphere. Mention this add and get a free Heineken with 200NT purchase or (print out coupon for free beer- no purchase necessary.)

Want real pizza? We have pizza ovens and a professional pizza chef. Our Hamburgers come with onion rings and fries, and are the best in Kaohsiung. We have five varieties of pasta with some of the most creative and tasty sauces in town. Our lunch specials (including salad, bread and a drink) range from 180NT. Come on down for lunch and then a walk along the love river.

After dinner stroll downstairs into our plush, private bar area where you can chat with some of the friendliest young people in Kaohsiung, enjoy strong custom made drinks and/or puff on a hooka. It's a little out of the way for those of you in Tzo Ying, but it's worth the trip. Try us on a friday or Saturday night for a relaxed local vibe.

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They got the power of western food at Mo Java. Great meal...Thanks a lot Mo Java


Food was awesome and the fantastic. Best pizza and quesadillas in Kaohsiung. Also had a good time with some cute ladies down in the lounge bar. yehhh


Awesome food, and super service in English. Pizza was great the hamburger was delicious. Also had a great time chatting to some very cute ladies in the lounge bar downstairs.




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