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#211 FuMing Rd., Zuo Ying, Kaohsiung (高雄市富民路211號)


07 558-1218



LerPing Cafe
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LerPing Cafe Pasta Western Food
Between BoAi and FuGuo, south of MingHwa and North of MingChen
Restaurants, Taiwanese
Description: 11:00~23:00, DRINKS Alcohol Drinks Juice Smoothies Snack Light Meals, Salad, Sandwich & Waffle, Pasta (Spaghetti)Cheese Baked (Rice or Noodle) HOT POTS served with a drink. Sa-Sa-gee-twei 莎莎雞腿套餐 is recommended.

Personal Set of Chef’s Recommendation
(Mon~Sun 11:30~14:00 17:30~21:00)
莎莎雞腿(Sa-Sa-gee-twei) Chicken Leg with Salsa Sauce $240
蜂蜜芥末起士豬排 Honey Mustard Cheese Pork $210
泰式檸檬魚(鱈魚) Thai-style Lemon Fish (Codfish) $260
樹子蒸鱈魚 Chinese-style Steamed Codfish $260
煎魚套餐 Fried Fish(Mackerel) Set $280(每日限量)
深海魚湯鍋套餐 Boiled Fish(Codfish) Pot Set $300(每日限量)
牛排套餐 Short Rib Steak $420
單點 $320 需等25分(need to wait for 25 min.) 建議先預訂(call reserved suggested)
套餐均附甜點及附餐飲料 All served with Rice, soup, dessert and a drink
另單點飲料可享半價優惠Additional drink price 50% off(non-alcohol)
(Host-drinks are listed in last page)
樂品商業午餐 Eco-Set $150
(Mon~Fri 11:30~15:00)
泰式打拋豬肉(辣) Thai-style Spice Pork
白酒蛤蜊義大利麵 White Wine Boiled with Basil and Clam Spaghetti
海陸鍋燒 意麵/手工拉麵/冬粉 Seafood and Pork Noodle
(素)田園蔬菜拉麵 Veggie Noodle Soup (Vegetarian’s)
均附餐飲料 All served with a drink.
另單點飲料可享半價優惠Additional drink price 50% off(non-alcohol)
(附餐飲料在最後一頁)(Host-drinks are listed in last page)

火鍋系列 Hot Pot
義式蕃茄風味鍋 Tomato Hot Pot ( Pork/ Beef/ Mutton/ Seafood ) $260
補氣黃金蜆土雞腿鍋 Corbicula and Chicken Legs Boiled Hot Pot $280
香醇牛奶什錦鍋 Milk Hot Pot ( Pork/ Beef/ Mutton/ Seafood ) $280
海鮮起司濃湯鍋 Creamy Cheese Seafood Hot Pot (Rice/ Noodle/ Toast) $240
泡菜什錦鍋 Kim Chi Hot Pot ( Pork/ Beef/ Mutton/ Seafood ) $250
什錦火鍋 Combo Hot Pot ( Pork/ Beef/ Mutton/ Seafood ) $230
素食蔬菜什錦鍋 Veggie Combo Hot Pot (Vegetarian’s) $220

Hot Pot all serve with Rice or Bean Noodle, One Drink and Dessert.
(附餐飲料在最後一頁)(Host-drinks are listed in last page)
另單點飲料可享半價優惠Additional drink price 50% off(non-alcohol)

焗烤飯ˋ麵食類Cheese Baked (Rice or Noodle)
焗烤咖哩雞肉 (飯/麵) Cheese-baked with Chicken a

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available nearby with NT$30/hr

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Good Food , Good Ambiance.




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