Hi Thai Food 嗨泰-高雄泰國菜


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240 JongShan 2nd Rd, Kaohsiung City (高雄市中山二路240號)


(07) 330-6638



嗨泰餐廳位於高雄市三多商圈,地址為中山二路240號。 嗨泰也許是高雄市,甚至於是全台灣最大和最精緻的泰式餐廳。 嗨泰為高雄市最佳泰式風味餐廳。 嗨泰是擁有絕佳的泰式美食,和泰式華麗風格的二層樓餐廳。
嗨泰的泰國和雲南風味餐廳擁有獨特的美味和設計風格,吸引顧客一再的光臨。 嗨泰的菜是高級的泰式食材和合理的價格。 有些人也許覺得稍為貴了一些,這是因為頂級的華麗裝潢,周到的服務品質,和大份量食材的因素。比起其他泰國餐廳,假如你要求的是上等的食物和別緻的裝潢,多出少許的價格是值得的。 畢竟,就上餐廳而言,你付出的費用,從來就不只是食物的費用而已。

Hi Thai Restaurant is located in Sanduo Shopping District of Kaohsiung City at # 240, JhongShan 2nd Road. It is arguably the largest and most elaborate Thai restaurant in Kaohsiung and maybe even Taiwan. It is THE Kaohsiung Thai Cuisine Restaurant‧ Hi Thai is 2 floors of fantastic food and amazing decorations.
Hi Thai & Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant is characterized by its distinctive flavors that keep you coming back for more. The food is high standard Thai fare at reasonable prices. It may be considered to be a little pricey by some people. This is due to the high end fancy decor, respectable service and generally larger portions. It's worth the effort and extra price compared to other Thailand restaurants, if your up for a high scale food experience and classy decor. After all, since when is food the only thing you pay for?
And there's more. If you're into cigars the second floor has a wide selection of imported Cuban cigars. Enjoy the pleasures of a good cigar and smoke away.


If there is authentic Thai food you want, then I would suggest going to Hi Thai Food. Well themed decorations to set you in the mood and large protions.


Fantastic food and service and caters to big groups. I love Thailand food and this establishment. 2 thumbs up Hi Thai


My bro and I smoked a nice Monty Cristo cigar on the second floor and had a feast on the best Thia food outside of actually going to Thailand..I would give my best suggestion to to Hi Thai at least once.


They have a very special DJ and cigar bar on the second floor now and a big screen. Relaxing decor and DJ Eric is cool.


It's not really English friendly these days. I suggest they train their staff better and more English signage and open arms approach.



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