Foster Hewitt's Pub and Grill, Kaohsiung


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30, WenJhong Rd., GuShan, Kaohsiung City (804 Taiwan 高雄市鼓山區文忠路30號)




Foster Hewitt's is a bar and grill in Kaohsiung offers live and recorded sports. With a Western menu that includes, handmade burgers, nachos, chicken wings, the best steak in Kaohsiung. You can find a special every night of the week.
Great Nightly Food Specials

Monday - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Night
星期一 - 水牛城雞肉漢堡夜
Our wildly popular Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, tossed in any of our 10 delicious wing sauce flavors for only $150NT
最受歡迎的水牛城雞肉漢堡 搭配9種以上的醬汁任選只要150元 讓您的禮拜一元氣滿滿!

Tuesday - Burger Night
星期二 - 漢堡夜

$40NT OFF any of our SPECIALTY BURGERS (5 Cheeser, Bacon Mushroom, The Mexican and much more) with your choice of side. You can have your choice of chicken, beef (100% homemade all beef patties), lamb or veggie.


Wednesday - Wing Night
星期三 - 雞翅夜
Fosters famous wings are HUGE, so make sure you bring your appetite! Available in more than 10 flavors - 20NT each!

Thursday - Steak Night
星期四 - 牛排夜
We are now serving an ultra juicy 9oz AAA US Rib Eye served up with sauteed vegetables and oven roasted garlic rosemary potatoes. Thursdays only 300NT. This is the best steak for your buck in the city!

Friday - "Knockout Night" 酒茫夜 and Fish and Chips - 200NT
All your favorite STRONG drinks starting at only $200NT

Saturday - Ladies Night
星期六 - 淑女之夜

Buy 1 get 1 free on ALL drinks between 6pm and 2am!!


Sunday - SPECIAL SUNDAYS 星期日 - 週日大滿貫
Introducing "Special Sundays" ... Come in any Sunday and choose from ANY and ALL of our Specials from the week!! That's right ... Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Burgers, Wings, and Steaks are ALL on SPECIAL.

F.H will give you a great selection of spirits and beer and yes, many specials too. Foster Hewitt's is a great place to spend an evening with friends, on a date, or just to grab a bite to eat.


The food is always really very tasty. They cook with high quality foods in their delicious Western dishes. I love the steaks and potato.


I can't think of a better place to catch the big live sports games. The boss really knows all the details of whats going on in the sports world from who's playing who and who is injured. The food specials are endless and absolutely delicious each and every bite... Cheers Fosters


This is the place to be for the most recent live sports viewing and hanging with fellow sports fans from abroad. The staff and the cooks are willing to make each visit memorable. Go see for yourself.


The 5-Cheese Burger is AMAZING.


Great pub. Cozy with friendly and welcoming staff. The food is also excellent!


Hello fans...I'm big...I'm a proud Canadian with a big appetite for sports, girls and properly served western cuisines. I declare the crew at Fosters cure my craving and appetite each time i visit. Try their juicy pure beef steaks and I also suggest the meatballs.


Great quality food and a fun place to eat.



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