Big Ma Ma 大媽媽義大利麵餐廳


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181 WenWu 2nd St., Cian Jing, Kaohsiung (801 Taiwan高雄市前金區文武二街181號)



Big Ma Ma 義大利麵餐廳 Fine Italian Food in Kaohsiung.
Big Ma Ma is a small, relaxed and inviting restaurant/ pub with big portions of pasta. This restaurant has a variety of Western dishes, pasta dishes and spaghetti
Restaurant in Kaohsiung with class with unique decor with pastel walls sporting quasi-pop memorabilia all around. You will surely find delicious food on every plate.
When it comes to music, Big Mama also serves up some fine tunes. DJ and restaurant owner, Ah-Chen hails from Kaohsiung, who has been in the music business for many years spinning popular tunes around the island. See for yourself with his selection of 122,000 songs waiting for your request.



Real nice homemade pasta sauces, fresh and pure ingredients.


I had a few 50 NT vodka and various fruit juice drinks. Real sweet and cheap blends. Good tunes too with requests. Small, but cozy place.


Big servings , but price is lower than many other Italian restaurants we have visited in Kaohsiung. We really enjoyed the old nostalgic theme throughout the place.


The service was a bit slow and my plate was cool when served. Enjoyed the flavor however.




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