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489 MinCheng 3rd Rd, Gu Shan, Kaohsiung
This Italian restaurant offering a variety of pasta dishes

Bagel Bagel 2

#161 Guang Hsing St. Zuoying District, Taiwan 813
Bagel Bagel has reasonably-priced, western food in Kaohsiung.

Bianca Pasta Italian Food

#6, Lane 6, Yìshù N Street Longjing District (Art Street area)
Bianca Pasta Italian Food Restaurant

Big Ma Ma 大媽媽義大利麵餐廳

181 WenWu 2nd St., Cian Jing, Kaohsiung
BIGMAMA 義大利麵餐廳, Big Ma Ma is a small, relaxed and inviting restaurant/ pub with big portions of pasta

Bistrot Latini Italian 義大利小館

No.128 Xin Pu 6th Street, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Capone's Italian Dinner House

#312 ChungHseo E. Rd. Sec.4
Capone's Italian Dinnerhouse

Capriccio Bistro Italian Food Taichung

63, MingYi St
Cappriccio Bistro Taichung Italian Restaurant

Chen Philou French Pasta

31, JingCheng 3rd St, West District
Chen Philou French Pasta

Ciao Italian Food Pasta Pizza

552, JhongShan 2nd Rd,
Ciao Italian Food

Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones Locker is a real shick Taichung bar with pasta, music, romance, yummy pizza and so much m

Domo American Food

Domo American Food Restaurant Tainan Dining

Double Cheese Pizza in Kaohsiung City

Lian Xing Road #70, San Min District

Double Cheese Pizza in Tainan City

Double Cheese Pizza

Fattys Italian Restaurant Taichung

No. 1, 50th Lane, Ching-Cheng Rd., Taichung
Taichung's all time favorite Italian restaurant.

Greenhouse American Food

No. 370 Fullan Rd.
Greenhouse American Food. A nice selection of western American food such as spaghetti, sandwiches, Mexican munchies and more.

Heaven Pizzeria Italian Pasta Pizza 天堂小店義大利餐廳

493, DaDun 7th St., Taichung City
We have moved from our Daduen old location to a bigger , better location on Daduen 7th St.

Heres Cafe

Taoyuan City, Da Hua Road Section 2, #27

Hot Pizza

Hot Pizza

Italian Kitchen Pasta

No.1033, Jian Shing Rd. Taichung
Italian Kitchen Pasta Cheap Dinners

Italy Bistro Italian Food Pasta

No. 509, WuQuan Road Bei District
Italy Bistro Italian Food Pasta

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