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Ah Cun Beef Soup (Ā Cún Niúròu Tāng 阿村牛肉湯)

No.41 Bao An Road (保安路), West Central District, Tainan City
Ah Cun Beef Soup (Ā Cún Niúròu Tāng 阿村牛肉湯)

Big Beef Noodles Famous Popular

Beef Noodles Famous

Bullhorn 大聲公手創義大利麵坊

Bullhorn 大聲公手創義大利麵坊

Ding Tai Fung Dumplings

Xinyi Road, Section 2, #194

Ken's Ravioli Restaurant Italian Kitchen

No. 127, DaDun 17th St., Taichung City
Ken's Ravioli Restaurant Italian Kitchen Is all handmade pastas. Set meals

Ming's Noodle Shop Local Food

21 DaYe Road West District
Ming's Noodle Shop is welcoming all people with good appetites.

Nakhla Shisha

No. 28 -24241 Lane 751 , SinJhuang Rd., Sinjuang City
Thai food and Live Entertainment - Featuring beautiful Taiwanese Girl Dancers and Hooka Pipes

Shangdong Dumpling And Noodles

96, Gongyì Road, Sec. 1 West District
Shandong Dumpling & Noodles

Shiao Wang Beef Noodle Soup

No.94-1, Liuhe 1st Rd., Xinxing Dist.
The most significant feature of this dish is the beef broth, which is prepared by boiling beef bones for hours to impart a rich, yet mild flavor

Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

Yatan Rd. Sec.2, Alley 292
Taiwanese Beef Noodle House

The Old Place-Cold Noodles and Wontons

Gushan District Rui Feng Street 155 Kaohsiung City

Tu Hsiao Yuch Tan Tsi Noodles (Zhongxiao)

No.12,8 Lane, 216 Alley,Si Section,Zhongxiao East Road Taipei, Taiwan Read more:
TuHsiaoYuch Tan Tsi Famous Noodles

Yong Kang Hand Cut Noodles

Taipei City Yong Kang Street Alley 10 #5

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