Putting together a teaching job resume in Taiwan

Writing a resume for teaching in Taiwan



Nowadays, if you want to be considered for a position at a reputable school, a solid resume must be prepared.  There may be teaching jobs that don’t require a resume, but be aware that they may be desperate for anyone to teach or may be a non-professional establishment.


Although there isn’t a specific type of resume requirement, a standard format resume is a safe bet. Here are some tips to make your resume look good:


  • Add a good looking photo. Image is very important in a teaching job. A professional and happy photo can make a nice first impression.
  • Include all your education background from university onwards
  • Include any teaching certificates (eg. Tesol) that you have earned. Bring a copy along to an interview.
  • If you don’t have any teaching experience, think long and hard about part time or volunteer work that may have included instruction or leadership. This can help. However, many teachers come to Taiwan with no teaching experience, so you should still list out your work history.
  • Prepare your diploma from university. Schools may want to see this. If you are hired, you must send a copy to the Foreign Affairs office to process your work permit.
  • Write out a proper cover letter with a brief introduction of yourself and your intentions for finding work in Taiwan.
  • List your email on your resume.List a local phone number where you can be reached. If you are already in Taiwan, it’s a good idea to get a cell phone ASAP so you don’t miss a single call.
  • Be email ready: Get your resume and materials ready to send by email. Many schools will require you to make initial email contact. Don’t be shy about sending your scanned certificates and diploma as part of your email package.
  • Get ready to move quickly. Asia can move at a fast pace. The more prepared you are for interviews or demonstration teaching, the more competitive and available you make yourself.
  • YOUTUBE IT!  Nowadays,enterprising teachers with teaching experience, and confidence in their teaching abilities, will put together one or two teaching demonstrations of themselves on YOUTUBE.  This allows a school to see a teacher's teaching style and demeanor before even meeting the applicant face to face. Of course, this can work either way as some schools may be impressed and others not so. Teachers then include the link in an email cover letter to the school.


If you are hired by a school in Taiwan….


Once you are hired, you will need the following items to apply for your work permit:

  • A health check:Get a health check done as soon as you arrive in Taiwan. The health check takes about 1 hour and costs around 1500NT. Find out at which hospital you can get it done in your city. Once the health check is complete, it will take 10-14 days to get the report. You will need this health check report as part of getting your work permit if you are hired.
  • Get a bunch of passport photos together. You will need several passport photos if you are hired and apply for a work permit.
  • Your original university diploma.
  • A written contract with your school.


Tips on writing your Resume and Tricks to Help Hide Resume Flaws


If you're job hunting, the last thing you need is a weakness or missing an important part in your resume. Any negative information can keep you from landing your perfect teaching or other job. Issues such as lacking a college degree or little or no job experience don't have to hider your efforts. All you need to do is work a couple resume tricks. What you will find below are some basic tips to help you create a winning resume and help you land that perfect job.


So, you've been unemployed for the past several months and need to make some money. The last thing you want to do now is draw attention to those dates. Instead, focus your resume to highlight your abilities. By listing your skills over your experience, you're highlighting those areas that are most important.

ESL Taiwan Classes Writing Resumes

Types of Resumes:


There are basically three different types of resume formats: chronological, functional, and combined. When trying to hide your flaws, avoid the traditionally used chronological format that is organized by your employment gaps or limited work history.


There are two formats that will conceal resume weaknesses well: functional and combination. A functional resume lists skills categories and accomplishments over dates. Instead of listing past job experience, the resume would present categories relating to skills. For instance, if you are a medical transcriptions, you could list "Transcription" as one of the categories and detail your words per minute you can type and your accuracy record. You might also list your computer skills, and which programs you're especially proficient in such as Word, Office or Powerpoint. While this style works well to hide weaknesses, employers typically get frustrated while reading them because they can't figure out where or how you gained your experience and abilities.


The best alternative is the combination resume, which is a resume style which is very popular. It combines the chronological and functional resume styles by presenting your knowledge and abilities gained from work experience in a reverse chronological order that most employers are accustomed to reading while emphasizing your applicable skills. How to Stand Out from the Crowd What makes you unique? If you're talented in unexpected areas, bring these to light on your resume. Whether you spent years as a stock boy  or flipped burgers, you still possess skills. Highlight these. How did you contribute at past places of employment? Detail your achievement and honors. Do you speak any other language? Can you troubleshoot a faulty computer? Do you have the ability to soothe ruffled feathers? These are all assets and should be listed as such. If you love to spend hours surfing the Net, detail your researching skills. If you enjoy a good conversation, mention your great people skills. ment experience, fear not you still possess skills. At which courses did you excel? What papers received high marks? Did you win the high school Top Technical Award? These are all worthwhile resume contributions. If you want to be called in for an interview, your resume has to stand out amongst others. Even if you don't have as much experience as your peers, or a mottled work history, you can still make this happen! Outline of a Resume.


A resume Writing Blueprint


Are you bogged down with information overload or just where to begin? Are you frustrated with trying to write your own resume? You need a plan, a guide to assist you in writing your resume. You need a resume outline! When a person needs to build a house they use a blueprint. It contains all the information needed to construct it from the print. When a person needs to write a resume they need to use an outline. The outline of a resume is the blueprint to resume writing success. It centralizes all of the information needed to write a resume making it easier to target them to specific job announcements. Generally speaking the majority of resumes contain the same basic information as outlined below:


Outline of a resume . Located at top of Page (usually centered)


Your name,-Home address -Home phone number -Cell phone number (or other contact #) - Email address (make sure it is a professional email address & not a nickname)

-Objective statement should be targeted to a specific job announcement for which you're applying such as head English teacher. Example: Seeking a position as head English teacher in junior high public school.


Qualification/Career Summary (optional, but Highly recommended with all resumes) Over ten years experience in production management. Adept at meeting organizational objective while meeting the needs of employees Proven ability to work efficiently and effectively under pressure


Education (list all relevant education) Degrees (highest 1st) Certifications Training Work Experience/Employment History Current listing pertinent work experience Activities & Associations Organizations Associations Student government Community activities Special Skills Foreign language Typing Computer/software Any other skills that "fit" the specific job description Honors & Awards (formal recognition you've received) * Academic * Professional * Community Set aside at least 2 or more hours when writing your resume outline. Don't forget ! Materials needed:

1. Current and past employment data,

2. Education information degrees/certifications,

3. Reference information (names, addresses, phone numbers), and ant

4. Job announcements for which you plan to apply.


Spending the time beforehand will save you time and frustration in the grand scheme of things. Your resume outline is the blueprint to success containing everything you need to. Sample resumes -- Find the right resume sample. Get info on resume services and job search.

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