What is an ARC?

Once you are legally hired in Taiwan, you will receive an Alien Resident Certificate or ARC. This card (shown below) is your ID card that proves you’re a legal working resident of Taiwan. Here are a few important facts about your ARC card.



  • Once your paperwork has been sent to Taipei by your employer, you will have about a 10 day wait for the official paper statement to be sent back to your employer. The employer has a copy and the employee (you) gets a copy.
  • Once you receive your copy, you have up to 14 days to go to the local foreign affairs office with 2 passport sized photos, 1500NT, the official paper statement, and your passport. After submitting all the necessary documents, the Foreign Affairs office will give you a receipt with a date stamped on it. That is the date you return to the office to pick up your ARC card. This is usually 10-14 days.  Some schools may do this for you, but others will require you to do the legwork.
  • If you lose your ARC, you can get a replacement for a 1500NT fee.
  • The ARC allows you to...

1.       get an National Health Insurance card

2.       open a bank account

3.       get a Taiwan driver’s license

4.       get a cell phone plan

5.       sign up for Internet services

6.       buy a car or scooter legally

7.       start paying taxes

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