What Are English Teacher Salaries in Taiwan?


Salaries are paid monthly in Taiwan.


As with anywhere, the amount of salary you make, and how you make it depends on where you live and the school you work at.


Normally, nowadays, teachers will be paid hourly. However, some teaching positions, especially at private or public elementary schools, will provide a monthly salary. In these cases, office hours and teaching hours are mixed together.


If you work in a Buxiban, your salary will most likely be based on the hours you work.


Private tutoring is most always an hourly pay system.


In Taiwan, teachers who are working full time can make from 50,000 to 80,000 NT a month. Again, this depends on where you work and your experience.


Hourly salaries can range from 500NT/hour up to 720/hour at cram schools.


Private tutoring is usually between 500-1,500 NT per hour depending on your student and your own teaching experience.

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