Do Taiwan English Teachers Get National Health Insurance?

Taiwan has arguably one of the best National Health Insurance programs in the world. Everyone is entitled to health insurance and the amount you and your employer pay to the system is dependent on your earnings. Once you are hired in Taiwan, you will be 100% covered by the Taiwan NHI.


The Mandarin term for the NHI is “Jian Bao”. The following are some important points to know about getting covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance.

  • Once you are hired, your employer should notify the NHI office in your district within 3 days. This is to register you for the health insurance card. This is the law.
  • Once your card is ready, you must go down to the NHI office with your ARC card. The NHI will give you a Jian Bao card that looks like this…

  • When you need to visit a clinic, doctor’s office, dentist, or hospital, the office will ask you for your NHI care when you check it. In addition, you will pay a 100-200 NT registration fee for your visit.
  • When do you have to pay extra at doctor visit? You will pay extra for services, procedures, or medications that are not covered under NHI. For example, if you have a complicated root canal procedure done, you will most likely have to pay a portion of the fee.(usually no expensive). Some medications are also not covered and a patient will need to pay for those meds out of pocket. Another common example is braces for your teeth. These are paid out of pocket by the patient.
  • Who pays for my insurance? If you work in a private school/business, you will pay 30% of your NHI monthly fee and your employer will pay 70%. Each fee is based on your monthly salary. See the website below to find out your NHI fee.
  • No card, but you need medical attention?  Once your application for your ARC is complete, you immediately are covered. If you don’t have your card in hand but you visit a doctor and must pay, don’t worry. Keep the receipts and once you receive your card, you can get reimbursed for up to 6 months after your visit. Just visit your local NHI office.
  • The Taiwan National Health Insurance website is: There is an English language section.
  • For a list of NHI offices and service centers, click on the link: English Addresses & Phones for Health Insurance Offices

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