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Teaching Magazines


There are a few magazines on the market that are specifically for teachers teaching English as a second language. I have included some links for you to check out some of these magazines for some helpful teaching tips.

English Teaching Professional
The Language Teacher Online (JALT)
Studio Classroom

Book Stores


Caves Books

Teacher Web Sites


There are teachers in Taiwan that have developed their own web sites with invaluable information for ESL teachers. We have listed some of the sites that we're am aware of and are worth while taking a look at. If you know of any other site that is not here or you have your own site that you would like us to list below please send us an email at webmaster@englishintaiwanl.com.

David's Web Page to Taiwan David Garside
EFL in Asia Hall Houston
Hall Houston's Home Page Hall Houston
The Domain of the Langren Brian David Phillips
The ELT Two-Cents Cafe Tim Nall
Trent Widdup's Home Page Trent Widdup
Scott Sommers' Taiwan Web log Scott Sommer


World Wide Teachers Web Sites

World of Teaching.com - free powerpoints by teachers
English the Easy Way - writing instructions, grammar guide, resume resources
Infant-Resources.co.uk: Free downloadable teaching resources
Right Now Publications - Monthly high interest, current-events units
Powerpoint for Teachers.com
Teacher's Debt Management.com
Learn new TEACHING STRATEGIES that work
The Canadian Teacher.com
MOST POPULAR Teacher Sites on the net - by Rank
AMERICAN Teacher Sites
Teacher Humor.com - Jokes and Resources
Tooter4Kids - Teacher Resources
Kutasoftware.com - Algebra Worksheets and Test Generator
The Educational Resource Page
The Teacher Spot
Quality Teaching Resources
Teacher's Desk.com
Homeroom Teacher.com
The Teacher's Corner.net
The Lesson Tutor
The Lessons Plan Page
Pratt's Educational resources
Spartacus Schoolnet - education on the internet
Teachers Helping Teachers.com
Cozy Grammar
Renae's Room
School Source.info
The Bully Book.com - A Discussion and Activity Story
Nellie's English Projects
Internet Sites that Work with Students
Middle School Help - Article Directory, Reading Help
TOP TEACHER SITES at Sites for Teachers.com!
English Grammar the Easy Way

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